How Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Change Your Construction Marketing Game This 2022

How Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Change Your Construction Marketing Game This 2022?

What AI means for everyone who’s conducting marketing this 2022? From chatbots and virtual assistants to generating the content, improving user experiences and more, Artificial Intelligence is proven to make major changes to the digital marketing landscape. 

Today’s marketers and contractors find themselves swimming in a sea of data that often feels overwhelming. Then, AI walks astoundingly into the sea of data, becoming your life jacket. There has been so much hype around AI for the past years as it plays an immense role in strengthening industries and transforming businesses, including construction.

But the real question is – How can AI change your marketing game this year?

Read this blog to discover and learn.

What is Artificial Intelligence Marketing?


AI is a broad term that represents or embodies many technologies to help your construction business with both internal procedures and customer-facing initiatives. AI is proving to be able to analyze data more quickly than humans ever do. 

Here are some common AI applications in marketing:

  • CRM that uses machine learning to help your businesses and analyze every aspect of your customer’s relationship.
  • Enhancing chatbots with NLP or natural language processing to qualify leads without any forms.
  • Apps that use deeper learning to take personalization to another level.

The possibilities of using Artificial Intelligence in your marketing strategy are immense and constantly evolving. Expect a massive application of this in the marketing landscape and you do not want to be left behind. So, give it a go.

Why do You Need Artificial Intelligence in Your Marketing?


With AI in your marketing, you can efficiently and effectively:

  • Cut operational costs by gaining more, in lesser time, with a smaller team.
  • Automatically apply optimizations based on performance data.
  • Make the most of your marketing budget with data-driven decisions.
  • Write more effective content to increase conversion rates.
  • Build a marketing strategy customized to your marketing needs.
  • Bid smarter in your campaigns.

To put it simply, incorporating AI into your marketing efforts help you keep a mean and lean marketing campaign, scaling your construction business much faster and higher. 

How Impactful Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing?


We have seen a surge in chatbot technology over the last couple of years, and it is no news that this trend is bound to continue as AI becomes even more advanced. But how does AI impacts digital marketing? Find out below some important areas of digital marketing AI affects the most.

1. Targeted Marketing

Convincing your prospect is one crucial aspect of targeted marketing. But how can you convince somebody you do not know. Whether in virtual assistants, smart design for personalized customer experience, and predictive segmentation, AI is the bright future of digital marketing in the coming year.

2. Marketing Automation and Personalization

Are you wondering if you can automate your content creation and have it personalized simultaneously? Of course, you and anybody can. Marketing automation and personalization with AI is a great combo that brings out a unique taste of customization in marketing. And with this, your construction business can obtain a significant edge in the war for the clients, driving up sales and revenue through and through.

Above all, you can use AI solutions to automate conversion rates, display advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), Local SEO, social media marketing, website analytics, and more.

3. AI-driven content marketing

AI is starting to play a major role in content distribution. It mainly helps in predicting topics that are most likely to attract traffic. As a B2B company, you should use AI to make content recommendations to clients based on your client’s previous purchases, demographic data and browsing interests. This particular approach compares favorably with traditional marketing tactics. 

In addition to the benefits of AI cited above earlier, it can help you to:

  • Automatically assign cases to the right support groups that utilize predictive analytics to determine the best course of your actions. 
  • Gain real-time insights into how your clients interact with you across a range of channels you use to interact with them.
  • Use chatbots to distribute knowledge throughout workflows, a cost-effective way to further increase your client’s base.
  • Further, analyze your data and determine the leads most likely to be converted into clients and can help nurture the relationships

Change Your Marketing Game using These Four AI Marketing Tools


There are a lot of marketing tools and techs out there that can make your marketing efforts more efficient and stronger. So this time, we would like to show you (straight from our exclusive list) four of the most effective Artificial Intelligence marketing tools and features you can use today. To be frank, these tools will do a much better job than any human can do in some areas of digital marketing this 2022:

1. Make marketing efficient with Google Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Search Ads are search campaigns that work in contrast with a typically paid search strategy. You will often conduct your keyword research, categorize your keywords, and then match the ads and landing pages to the ad group. 

However, with DSAs, all you need to do is to pick the landing pages you want to promote. Google then will do the rest. Google’s AI can scan the landing pages, select the keywords for you, and will generate accurate headlines for the ads. Imagine how much time you can save from using DSAs, right?

2. Use Google Analytics Intelligence as a Website Analyst

The Analytics Intelligence feature in Google Analytics uses Machine Learning to help anyone understand their website’s active results and immediately act upon them. But, you may be curious about how it works? Since it is AI-based, you can casually ask simple questions regarding your website performance, giving you an answer, similar to having an analyst working for you. In short, you can think of it as your Google Analytics assistant.

You can ask questions such as:

  • What marketing channels have the highest conversion rate?
  • What is the website status on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)?
  • What are my top-performing web pages or landing pages?

Analytics Intelligence is beneficial in analyzing your data and answering questions you may have not even thought to ask but possibly should have. 

3. Use Anyword AI for better copywriting

For social posts, landing pages, and more, Anyword AI is the best one that can help you in this. Anyword can help you come up with new ideas when you are drawing a blank and saves time by generating and optimizing your marketing copies with the help of AI. It creates compelling copies for practically any marketing channel, including but not limited to:

  • Facebook ad copies
  • Email subject lines
  • Google Ads copy
  • Twitter ad copy
  • LinkedIn ad copy
  • Intro paragraphs
  • Instagram captions
  • CTAs
  • YouTube titles and descriptions

Recently, one most significant challenge in crafting marketing copy is that it is practically a gamble. You cannot predict how it can perform even before using it. You should wait for SEO metrics to accumulate to discover what works for you. You may consider A/B testing.

With Anyword, every copy edit is given a Performance Prediction Score, predicting how well it performs in the campaign. It truly offers you more advanced features than any other tool. 

4. Get to know your target audience better with Helixa


Take the personalization to a whole new level. Helixa can let you know what is unique and distinctive about any audience. You can get insights into what they care about and what they say online so you can personalize your marketing further.

So, why is it necessary? While most research tools today depend on a single data source, Helixa can bring together multiple data sets. It offers you a rich view of your target audience, using the Machine Learning tech that can put all this data in one easy-to-use tool.

Helixa can also give you some actionable insights that can save you from having a lot of mistakes in how you should approach your potential audience.

It is Already 2022 and AI Should Be Part of Your Marketing!


While it is difficult to predict the future of digital marketing, it is easy to see that Artificial Intelligence continues to evolve and progress and play a demanding central role in digital marketing. The features, benefits and uses of AI in marketing are endless. 

AI is already shaping the marketing landscape, and you do not want to get behind this wonderful transformation or slowly become irrelevant. 

If you have not already explored the world of AI-powered marketing approaches, now is your time. Allow us to introduce you to this new and advanced approach. Here at, we are not only offering a range of digital marketing services but also updated to the latest digital marketing techs and trends. We focus more on advancements and forward-thinking strategies.

So, if you are moving throughout this year with any resolutions, collaborate with the best digital marketing agency to help you focus on AI-based tools and tactics. 

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