How to Choose the Right Agency for Your Construction Brand?

How to Choose the Right Agency for Your Construction Brand?

There is a wide choice of digital marketing agencies that offer custom branding services – all claiming to do similar things. You must pick the right agency that understands you and what you want to achieve for your brand. However, finding this agency for your needs is a hefty task. 

This blog post will explore what makes a great agency and, most importantly, how to pick the right one.


What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do Anyway?


Many companies work with a trusted digital marketing agency due to their expertise in online marketing. To put it simply, this type of agency knows the latest trends, is equipped with the latest tools, and follows the best practices that are ultimately needed for digital marketing success.

Agencies are staffed by multiple experts specializing in one to two marketing areas. These people are the right people to rely on regarding your marketing goals, sales funnel, objectives, and ideal targeted audiences.  

Most digital marketing agencies, especially one that offers full service, specialize in promoting brands online, creating lead acquisition strategy, and building customer relationships. A full-service digital marketing agency knows how to expand your brand’s reach online simply because they offer a wide range of marketing solutions that, when combined – result in multiple success for your brand and your overall construction business.


Eight Tips for Hiring the Right Agency


1. Evaluate experience

Make sure to look into the agency’s history to see how they are viewed in the industry. What level of reputation does this agency have? What are people saying about this agency? How do previous and existing construction clients feel about working with them? And so many questions to follow.

In particular, you must do an extensive search about:

  • A diverse portfolio and case studies
  • Testimonials
  • Current and past customers


2. Determine Value

The best people to work with must understand your business objectives and marketing goals and must align them. The right construction marketing agency knows the Value of these goals, how to meet them, and how to achieve them with specific metrics and long-term results.

If you want to go further, you can search for a competitor comparison. Know that any agency worth working and collaborating for will be thrilled to prove its Value and expertise against its competitors.

Here are some specific questions you can ask to determine Value:

  • What are the benefits and best parts of working with your agency?
  • What sets you apart from your closest competitors?
  • How is your competition?

If they cannot answer any of these questions, it proves they are less valuable than you initially think. It only means they are not worth partnering for. So, make sure to determine the Value and evaluate it thoroughly.


3. Assess culture

Great company culture translates into quality campaigns and good partnerships. To get to know some potential agencies and determine how they work firsthand, below is a list of guidelines:

  • Know who’s who: Know who will do exactly on your accounts. It is important to know the people who will manage your brand. If possible, speak with every single member of the team who will be working with you. Working with the right agency means allowing you to have favors like this.
  • Put out some feelers: Pay close attention to how the members speak about their respective works and expertise. Doing so can give you an idea of how easily and confidently they work together.
  • Do a background check: Research the potential agencies you are eyeing to work with. You can review their social media accounts and look for information about them. It is one great way to determine their authenticity and attest to their skills. Researching the agency is also a way to know if there are rising concerns about them.


4. Ask important questions

You should work with an agency that willingly faces your questions and encourages you to dig deeper. So, when you ask questions, you know more about the people who work there. You can use the questions and key points to vet potential digital marketing agencies as you look for the right one for you:

  • What other clients in your sector did you work with? Any competitors?
  • · Who will do the day-to-day work on my accounts, if ever?
  • Does your agency hire freelancers? How often? And how do you assess these freelancers’ skills and performance to ensure your standards are met?
  • Does your agency offer custom marketing solutions and use templates for developing brand strategies?
  • Is your agency focused on driving traffic or boosting brand awareness? Have you ever created strategies and campaigns that prioritized both?
  • What tools does your agency typically use to implement ads and measure marketing performance?
  • What data are you using to have better inform strategies and optimize campaigns for greater performance?


5. Look for a Well-defined branding process

Since your marketing needs focus on your brand, you must look for an agency with a signature-defined branding process. Successful branding campaigns heavily depend on proven, proof-based methods to authenticate your brand.

If an agency does not have a clear, defined, and thorough process for branding, they are only as lucky and incapable and have no way of helping you achieve the success you want for your construction brand and future campaigns.


6. Choose more than one prospects

When searching for a digital marketing agency, picking the first one that shows up can always be tempting. Sometimes, you want to come up with a decision based on the pricing offered by the agency. However, it is not a great starting point. If you want to make a great choice, have multiple options.

Having many options lets you control your budget and helps ensure that your brand gets the most suitable service. As we just said previously, different agencies are available in the market, and each has a specialization. 

Here are additional reasons why it is better to have many options:

  • You can compare their service offerings and pricing details
  • You can negotiate certain terms and conditions with every agency separately
  • You can find the best agency that best fits your branding needs


7. Look for total investment than initial costs

The agency’s offered price is a great indicator of the type of relationship you can expect while working with them. Make sure to work with the agency where you can get what you pay for. 

While budget-minded marketing agencies are valuable, the right agency can truly understand your business as a whole and has the expertise to meet your brand needs. Overall, partnering with that kind of agency is an investment in the overall success of your brand.


8. Set a budget

Having an allocated amount for your online marketing strategy is important for your brand’s longevity and your business’s long-term growth. Your marketing budget must be split between marketing tactics depending on your objectives and goals.

And since your goal is to boost your brand visibility, you need to target a specific location. Your budget should be set for local SEO and ads to help people find your business easier. On the other hand, your budget can also be allocated for email marketing and retargeting, which are both crucial for converting your website visitors into paying customers.

When determining your budget, here are some factors you should consider:

  • How much you want your construction company to grow: One of the most important factors when selecting an agency is your company’s expected growth. If you want to reach other markets and increase your penetration in the area, you better find an agency that can handle your marketing campaigns from end to end. Thus, a full-service construction marketing agency offering various services is ultimately the best fit.
  • Do you want a long-term partnership?: Some agencies offer long-term contracts, while others offer short-term ones. It depends on what is ideal for your company and fits your marketing and branding needs. 

Remember this: the right agency can give you a clear breakdown of all costs and help you find and set the right budget for every campaign you wish to start.


What Does Do Differently?


Your brand is what makes you, you. Remember that. Hence, picking the right agency is a top priority for your business. You are betting on the reputation of your business, its brand identity, and the longevity of your company. 

Getting your branding strategy right the first time is key, and getting it all wrong is detrimental – that’s the golden rule. As a business owner, you should take this decision seriously. Investing in an agency that is reliable, genuinely interested, passionate about your brand, and has the best team to drive forward – you can all be confident that your money and time are well spent.

At, we love getting jammed around with new branding projects. Our team loves to get creative and craft ideas for our clients. If you wonder if we are the right agency for you, we have a strong background in construction. We know the ins and outs of the industry and have an innovative approach to digital marketing.

We are not called for no reason! 

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