How to Create a Powerful CTAs in Emails

How to Create a Powerful CTAs in Emails

In email marketing, all emails are created to serve a purpose, and the goal is to push your recipients to do something and to take action right after reading the email. For the construction business, this typically involves getting target prospects and clients to visit your website, subscribing to a newsletter, scheduling a consultation, making a purchase, sign-up for an exclusive offer, and more.

You cannot just leave your recipients to decide what to do after reading your email. So, if you want your email campaigns to succeed, you must use email CTA to lead your target prospects in the right direction successfully.

In this blog, you will learn the role of CTAs in emails, why they are important, and how they work. And most importantly, we have compiled a list of tactics and shared it with you, helping you to create a powerful CTA in your emails.


What is a CTA in Emails?


A Call to Action in an email is what you think it is. A simple text button or hyperlink line sends a certain user to a website. The purpose of CTA is to compel prospects and clients to act. These buttons are generally noticeable and hard to overlook. Anyone can easily spot it when reading anything, especially in emails with small, concise content.  

Email CTAs are among the most effective ways to help you get great results for your marketing and sales strategies. It only shows that without them, you risk your prospects getting stuck in the sales funnel and not moving forward as quickly as they should. 

In the next section, we will walk you through some email marketing tips you can use to ensure your email CTAs are powerful, compelling, and will never fail.


How to Write CTAs in Emails that Truly Deliver?


Look closer at the following strategies below. These tactics will help you create powerful CTAs for your emails that will yield greater results in time. So, make sure to carry out these strategies consistently.

1. Make use of compelling action words

In case you don’t know yet, action words that describe an action. You cannot write a CTA without an action word. But in many instances, not all action words are created and used equally. So, that is something you should pay attention to. Ensure that you are using the right action word that gives an impact. Also, it should be directly related to what your recipients or prospects have to do next. 

Here are some CTA phrases that showcase compelling action words:

  • Get a 50% discount
  • Avail our services today
  • Buy now
  • Consult us today
  • And many more

2. Create customized CTAs

The great news about email marketing this 2023 is that it comes with automation tools that simplify customization and personalization. CTAs are no exception. So, you must make a better move when you include the same CTA for all customers and prospects in every stage. Why? Because obviously, it is the same thing, and the emails you are bound to send should be at least different. 

With email marketing automation tools, you can easily personalize your emails and create more customized CTAs. You have to make sure that everything is coherent and closely aligned with one another. 

3. Make them prominent

Many marketers have this bad habit of putting email CTAs below the fold, mainly because they think recipients can automatically read all the email content. While the logic behind this makes sense, the reality says otherwise.

A study recently found that people only read about 19% of email newsletters they receive, and the average time they spend reading them was 52 seconds. This shows us that if we want our CTAs to get noticed easily, we have to make them great.  

4. Create urgency

People are more likely to act if there is a sense of urgency behind the CTAs in the emails they just received. This approach follows the scarcity principle, in which you make something more valuable by making it difficult to attain. Nearly half of online users admit that scarcity affects their chances of purchasing or availing of services. 

Here is the scarcity principle you can apply to your email CTAs:

  • Limited timeframe: Here, you can emphasize that your offer is only available for a specific period—no more next time.
  • Limited availability in some of your services: Emphasize the limited availability of your selected construction services. Make it intentional to create urgency for your target prospects.
  • Social proof: Demonstrate high demand for your offers by including reviews and testimonials.

5. Place the email CTAs strategically

Strategic CTA placement increases the chances of your target prospects finding your email and clicking on it. The cardinal rule here is to keep the main CTA above the fold or at the top half of the page, and this means that it should be seen at the top of the email so that the recipients do not need to scroll down to find it.

Next, you can reiterate the CTA at the bottom of your email so that your prospects can easily read the content of it. If you want to put more, you can place the second CTA in a normal spot, where recipients can easily see them once they get to the end of the email.  


Email Marketing Best Practices for Call-to-Action Buttons


CTA buttons are the top choice for picking the best CTA for email marketing purposes. This is because people are always on the phone, and a CTA button makes an email clickable instantly. Here are some best practices you should consider when creating email CTA buttons.

1. Use contrasting colors on your CTA button

First, look at your email design and pick a button color that stands out. Ensure the button color pops clearly without the background or text colors. The goal is to make things cohesive in your email while ensuring the CTA button is the brightest color on the screen.

2. Less is more for your email CTAs

If you have too much chaos in your emails, the CTA can be difficult to find, no matter how bright or big. We suggest you consider the negative space in the emails you are about to send. Also, ensure enough white space around your CTA button to prevent visual noise.

Check out Google’s minimalist design in their emails. Google’s email style pays great attention to presentation and design. Everything is superb! The designs have room for permission reminders, unsubscribe links, etc. The email layout may look super simple, but all elements work together, and it is just perfect!

3. Try adding directional cues to your CTA button

Many people found success by adding arrows directly pointing toward their CTA button. While this is a great way to draw your prospects to the button, it may distract your email content. A particular technique you should follow is to use imagery that directly points to your CTA.

You can also take advantage of using an email marketing template that already has perfectly matched CTAs alongside it. In fact, there are a lot of online templates for emails today, free to download and ready to use. You must find the right template that matches your ideal design, layout, and brand.

4. Make the CTA button huge 

We did not mean to make your CTA buttons incredibly bigger. It is quite obnoxious to make it bigger. However, you need to make it larger enough, just enough for it to be noticed in the emails. You do not need technical knowledge or skills here, only good judgment and a great eye for detail. Always remember the goal – to lead the eyes of your prospects in your not-so-big CTAs.


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To create a powerful email CTA:

  1. Use actionable words and be direct.
  2. Command your target prospects.
  3. Make them question what to do next.
  4. Pay attention to colors and more.

We hope you learned so much from this blog. Once you have finally mastered writing CTA phrases that spur prospects into action, your email marketing campaigns will surely increase revenue and pave the way for sustainable growth.

If you do not know where to start your email CTA journey, you can partner with us. We provide a range of marketing services, including email marketing services that focus on quality emails that bring in a lot of prospects.

Here at, every single moment that goes on creating your construction brand’s identity is crafted with a purpose in mind. With CTAs, even if they seem like a very small piece of the puzzle, they play a major role and are part of your brand story, content, and emails. And our agency’s team is here to use our broad knowledge, skillset, and passion to help you in all your marketing campaigns. 

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