How to Do Construction Content Distribution the Right Way?

How to Do Construction Content Distribution the Right Way?

You have probably already heard the famous buzzword “Content is King.” Well, content is the king, but distribution is the queen! 

If you include content marketing in your campaign, you should know firsthand that a well-thought-out content distribution plan is vital for long-term success. What is the use of your newly uploaded piece of content if nobody reads it? You probably miss the point of putting it out in the right places online.

In this blog post, let’s explore content distribution in depth. We will discover what type of content you can produce, the existing distribution channels you can choose from, and the most strategic way to distribute content.


So, What is Content Distribution?


The process of disseminating content to the target audience via multiple channels is called content distribution. It significantly helps your construction content be in front of the right audience, at the right channel and at the right time.

In addition, effective content distribution helps to generate leads and sales, increase brand awareness, and build a strong online presence. Unless your construction brand is already recognized by many, it is impossible to reach your target audience and be known without an effective content distribution strategy. 

Only with this distribution strategy can you able to get your brand on top of the audience’s mind.


What Type of Contents Can You Distribute Online?


There are several types of content you can craft as part of your content marketing strategy and be subject to distribution:

  • Blog posts and articles: They are created to win your target audience’s trust by always educating them on potential solutions to their problems and addressing their concerns.
  • Case studies: This content type features your construction clients and customers who love your services.
  • Video content: This type of content can be anything from video testimonials to explainer videos.
  • Visual content: These are infographics that are bound to grab the audience’s attention. Infographics are also great for explaining complex topics simply.
  • Podcasts and audio interviews: These usually involve guests or a team conversation. You can invite experts and business leaders in your field for a team interview.
  • eBooks and white papers: They offer more in-depth and detailed topics to inform your target audience. This content is best for your lead acquisition efforts.
  • Webinars: This content is far more educational and can feature both internal and external subject matter experts. 


Eight Easy Tips for Successful Content Distribution


Here are the best tips and practices you can follow to achieve a successful distribution of all your digital content assets:

1. Know your target audience

One of the best ways to craft content that can potentially earn the biggest distribution begins with knowing your target audience. For this, we suggest you begin creating audience personas and journey maps. These methods can help you better understand what your audience cares about, what they are interested in, and what kind of problems they wish to solve.

Knowing your audience at a deeper level can ultimately help you determine which content distribution channel mix makes the most sense for them. In addition, you can create content that resonates directly with them and share it in the places they are most likely active.

Google Analytics is one of the best tools for gathering data about your audience’s interests, behavior, preferences, and demographics to tailor your content to their needs.

2. Set clear goals and KPIs

Before you begin creating your content, think about its purpose. This is where you need to define your goals and set the right Key performance indicators (KPIs). These two ensure you can stay on track since your goals will inform the metrics you need to monitor.

  • Want to boost your reach on social media? Follower growth, impressions, and social share of voice are some of the metrics you need to monitor.
  • Want to focus entirely on conversion? You must constantly monitor bounce rate, conversion rate, and cost-per-click.
  • Want to improve overall customer satisfaction? Then, you must review client testimonials and customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. 

3. Create a content calendar 

Planning in advance with a content calendar can make things extra organized and help you keep track of your content distribution strategy. A content calendar is just the best for distributing content assets, as it can eliminate any guesswork about which content piece is distributed elsewhere.

Overall, having a content calendar will give you a bird’s-eye perspective of your entire content distribution model.

4. Create sharable content

If you want your content to be easily distributed to online platforms and reach a large audience, you have to make sure it is shareable.

People love to share content that they find informative and helpful. Downloadable templates, guides, and blogs are some of the best ways to earn many shares from people. Placing social sharing buttons on your website and embedding codes allows for easy sharing as well.

5. Start distributing content pieces

You probably have tons of great content in your pocket, ready for distribution. If so, you should start distributing each piece. Using your content calendar, which we discussed above, you can identify possibilities for your current content catalog.

So, which content pieces have proven helpful for the audience you are trying to reach? What content is already performing well? If you identify and categorize these content pieces, you can slowly distribute them to the right channels.

Consider distributing them across multiple channels to introduce them to a new audience. The key here is to always look for opportunities for your content to expand your reach.

6. Consider new distribution methods and channels

Once you have figured out what you will do with your content, you can start looking for new online channels to try. Identify what options may be suitable for all your content types at various marketing stages.

For instance, let’s just say you put out a new eBook. In this case, paid advertising is the best option you got since it can help you supercharge your launch with faster results. Next, you can jump to traditional social media sharing and content distribution practices to keep the interest longer.

In addition, looking into guest posting, sponsorships, and influencer collaborations can also be a great way to keep content distribution going while exposing your construction brand to a new audience.

7. Analyze and make adjustments consistently

Keep an eye on the overall performance of all your content distribution efforts, including the performance of every channel you choose relative to others. Evaluate all the data you gather and adjust it accordingly to keep both reach and engagement moving in the right direction. If one is not working, never be afraid to try another.

Also, do not be afraid to share any concerns with your team. To be at your best, add new content experts to your team to bring fresh perspectives. 

Our construction marketing agency has a team of talented content strategists and content writers who use their maximum knowledge and creativity to develop multiple types of content as part of your campaign. always strive to make sure your brand has the best and smartest people working hard to help you with your goals! We offer a range of marketing solutions – from Local SEO services, content creation, PPC ads, email marketing, web development, social media, and more! 

8. Explore, experiment, and iterate

Lastly, always remember that no content distribution strategy is ever set in stone. So, make sure to experiment and explore various channels and content formats to know what truly works best for your construction brand.

The key is iteration. Never be afraid to try something new.


Three Distribution Channel Options You Can Try


There are three main distribution channels you can always tap into that make your digital content easy to disseminate – owned, earned, and paid. Every single channel has its unique characteristics and offers many advantages not only for marketers but also for company owners and business leaders like you:

  • Owned channels: These are online platforms and assets that companies own and control, such as social media pages, websites, and blogs. With owned channels, your construction company has complete control over content creation and even the distribution of the content. However, the only downside of an owned channel is that its reach is limited to existing subscribers and followers.

Some of the content types under owned channels include your case studies, eBooks, and blog articles.

  • Earned channels: These channels usually involve sharing and marketing content via external sources, mainly backlinks and social media users. Compared to owned channels, your company does not have complete control over content distribution when it comes to earned channels. 

Earned channels have the potential to increase reach, which can validate your content’s authority and quality. Shareable content, like videos and testimonials, is one of the best examples of this type of distribution channel. It boosts engagement. 

  • Paid channels: This distribution channel involves marketing content via paid advertising and sponsored content. Paid channels are best for reaching and engaging because they offer immediate and measurable results.

However, paid channels require a dedicated budget, as the name suggests. They are best suited for short-term gains. The main content type under this distribution channel is targeted content that encourages conversions and clicks.


Distribute Your Content Strategically with


There is no one-size-fits-all technique in content distribution. When you put out content without a strategy, you waste your money, time, and effort. Do things right first, and it will not take long to see the results you aim for.

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The what, where, when, and how of distributing your content are broken down into full details. The ultimate goal is to make your construction content super visible! We strive to spread all your content pieces throughout the digital nooks and corners!

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