How to Get Started with PPC Marketing

How to Get Started with PPC Marketing for your Construction Business?

Let’s say you already own a great website and have a list of amazing services/products to offer your target clients. And all you ever care about right now is getting your business in front of your audience. If you want things to be fast, your best option is Pay-per-Click marketing. PPC is an effective advertising practice that offers quick results and sales.

If you want to know more about PPC, this blog is for you. We will explain this marketing approach, how it works in practice, how to get started with this marketing campaign to maximize your ROI, and so much more.

If you have never been ready, then let’s go!


What is PPC?


PPC, also widely known as Pay-per-lick marketing, is an online marketing tactic that allows you to place ads on social media sites, SERPs, websites, and other online platforms. With PPC, you pay every time someone clicks on your ads. On the other hand, the amount you will pay is based on how much exactly you bid for the ad space, including other factors.

Moreover, PPC ads serve as the advertisements your audience may see across the internet. They can be video ads, text ads, image ads, and any other types of ads. These ads are meant to be taken advantage of to get people to visit your website, where you can guide them to convert – whether that means availing your construction services, buying your product, or whatever your target goals may be.

PPC is a great ad model because it is very effective and has a ton of flexibility when targeting the right audience who is most likely to click on your PPC ads and convert right away.


How does PPC Marketing Work?


We are pretty sure you are curious about how this works. Our agency’s well-experienced PPC specialists offer the best construction marketing solution and break down this explanation in the easiest way possible for you to understand Pay-per-click much better. 

We begin first when you craft a campaign and a PPC strategy to get first into the auction. You include what needs to be included – the ad copies, the keywords relevant to your ads, and the exact people you are targeting. And depending on the platform you choose for your PPC ads, there are some other elements you may choose to include.

When the auction occurs, the search engine thoroughly analyzes a few important factors to determine the front-runner. Take note of the following factors below:

  • Keyword bid: This is how you are willing to pay for some clicks for your PPC ads. The auction’s winner is not always the higher bidder, and if you win, you will not be going to pay the maximum bid.
  • Relevance: Know that search engines do not want to give space to irrelevant ads. Search engines like Google analyze the Ad’s relevance based on the keywords they used, the content of the ads, as well as the click destination.
  • Past performances: The search engines want people to click on your PPC ads. And if you generated several clicks from the past, you are most likely to get impressions in the future. If your ads have poor performances, it indicates that they are not relevant to your audience and the keywords you used for them.

Finally, the winners of the auction are displayed to the searchers and have higher chances of getting clicks.


Benefits of Using PPC Advertising


1. Get impressions fast

If the sole focus of your marketing strategies is more on organic traffic and SEO, results will take too long. Even if you brainstormed the best keywords, it would be a while before website traffic increases. Yet, with PPC ads, you can get a ton of impressions right away. Most platforms will approve your ads in a few hours, and these PPC ads will begin competing for those most coveted SERP spots. This leads to an instant boost in web traffic, sales, and conversions on your part.

2. It is measurable and trackable

Whatever platforms you use for PPC, data can be measured and easily tracked. Whether it is your paid-per-click, click-through rate, or impressions, you can easily determine them. It is also easier to track down data related to your keyword auctions, what your ads won, and what set of keywords led to the most clicks. 

Because PPC ads are easily measured and tracked, you can get a ton of important data and insights that help you improve and optimize your campaigns. If you have up-to-date data, your ROI must consistently improve.

Pro Tip: While you can get PPC metrics via your marketing platforms, you can get more help and deeper insights when you partner with the best construction marketing company. An agency is equipped with cutting-edge tools to help you analyze your campaigns and competitors to maximize conversion rates and reduce your costs per acquisition.

3. You can control your spending

Pay-per-click marketing will give you so much flexibility with budgets. You can decide how much to spend every day or if you want to go beyond. Also, you can turn on and off PPC ads and adjust your current bids for any reason. You can also opt for PPC advertising even with a tight budget, and still, you can get immediate results.

PPC is the only form of marketing with this type of spending flexibility.


How to Launch Your PPC Ads?


We expect you to know what PPC is, how it works, and its benefits. Now, we will give you some of the best ways to get started with your PPC marketing.

1. Decide on what platforms to use

There are different types of PPC ads. You can place these ads almost anywhere in the digital world – social media, websites, or search results. With so many options, you must first decide where your PPC ads will appear. For instance, if you want your services and products to be seen at the top of search results, you should opt for paid search ads. If you want your ads to be seen on social media, then social media ad is such a great fit!

Whatever you decide, it is crucial to have a game plan, even before diving headfirst into the world of PPC. It is equally important to partner with reputable construction marketing agencies that will guide you and give you the best expert advice and marketing solutions. When it comes to marketing campaigns, they are the right people you should partner with. So be smart in choosing!

2. Perform keyword research

One of the biggest advantages of using PPC ads as a tactic is that you can directly target your most valued audience with keywords that are vital to your construction business. But before you begin targeting every keyword related to your niche or industry, it is important to do keyword research first and foremost.

With keyword research, you can gain insights into how multiple keywords tend to perform, how wide the competition is for this list of keywords, and many more.

3. Set up your budget

Almost everyone does not want to talk about budget, but it is a critical part of any business. If your budget is not set, you will most likely find yourself in financial blunders. So, you should set aside a specific budget for your marketing campaigns. And always remember, it should be both reasonable and realistic.

And if you are looking forward to implementing more than one marketing tactic, you must go find the best agency that offers expert advice to your budget and a range of digital marketing services. And one final thing you should take note of – the pricing. Knowing the pricing details helps you get a well-rounded idea of what to expect for the marketing campaign you are interested in.

4. Set up your ad platform account

If you plan to market on Google, you should be setting up a Google Ads account. Creating an account in Google Ads is free. However, you should provide billing details and payment methods to activate your account. The platform needs these details to know where to charge your ad spending.

After creating an account, you are ready to set up your campaign. In the platform, you can set the average amount for how much you are willing to spend every day via your account. There will be needed information about your chosen audience, the keywords you want to target, and the geographic locations where your PPC ads will appear.

Right after setting up the information, you will submit the bid. After setting your bid, you have to provide details of your ads – this is simply the text content that the audience will see when your ads rank right above organic results. And that’s it! Your Google Ad Campaign is off to go.

5. Analyze your ads

One of the many important parts of a PPC campaign is to track it regularly. You need to analyze and monitor how your PPC ads performed to ensure you get all the valuable information that can help you enhance your ads campaigns. 

When you analyze the performance of your PPC ads and how online users interact with them, you will be able to create changes to your campaign that allow your ads to perform much better.


Launch your PPC Campaign with


An effective PPC campaign is proven to have the potential to drive more leads and increase conversions to your company. As a matter of fact, PPC ads can boost your construction brand awareness by over 80%. We hope you learned many things in this blog and will carry out all the tips we shared with your above about starting with PPC campaigns.

But if you think working with marketing campaigns is not your cup of tea, you can partner with us! Here at, we offer different construction marketing services, including PPC marketing. Our PPC services cover everything your company needs to have a successful campaign, from landing page design to keyword research. 

Our team of marketing strategists and PPC specialists is dedicated to helping you with your marketing needs.

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