How to Look for Construction Blog Topics that Boost Your SEO?

How to Look for Construction Blog Topics that Boost Your SEO?

As Google becomes increasingly particular at determining user search intent, it is obvious that content writing is one of the best ways to develop a powerful SEO strategy, mainly because content writing can answer your target audience’s questions. Creating topics that address the concerns and queries of your target audience can boost your SEO and allows you to take advantage of Google’s algorithm.

So when you implement content marketing, you need to craft the best blog topics to help you achieve improved SEO and other benefits. But, the process is not easy, and you will need help figuring out what information your target audience is looking for.

Here is the little secret – the information you need is, in fact, already available, and it is for free! All it takes is some searches and knowing where to look. In this blog, we will share the best ways and resources to help you discover and generate ideas for your construction blogs. Read more.

1. Ask your staff what your customers are asking

The questions or queries your customer and target audience are asking are only hiding in plain sight. So, how can you unravel them? You should start asking your customer service staff the most frequently asked questions. Your customer service team is the first point of contact for your customers and prospects. This team of yours knows your customers’ queries, triggers, concerns, and objections firsthand.

Also, your construction website’s live chat feature helps you easily collect data about the questions and concerns your customers have with you by mining the live chat sessions. So, these are the two ways to know what your customers are looking for in your business.

2. Check your analytics for topics and keywords

Another effective way to determine what pain points your customers are looking to solve is by simply reviewing your email marketing analytics. This might indicate your target audience would read some blog posts containing more information about the subject.

Do you have the right resources or free downloads that your target audience and customers continue to engage with? If not, consider crafting a blog post or video content about using the resources in more detailedly. If you find the whole process time-consuming and difficult, consider contacting an SEO agency.

When you partner with an SEO digital marketing company, everything is covered. The agency has the industry knowledge, experience, and experts your company needs, delivering high visibility and top search engine rankings.

3. Google is Your Friend

Google can tell you exactly anything you want to know about your target prospect’s search queries. Use Google’s many advanced tools and features to harvest your needed information.

  • Google Suggest – Enter your keywords in the Google search and find out what Google suggest
  • Google Trends – Enter the keywords to see if it has higher volume over time so you can create evergreen content. And if you are looking for a trendy topic, explore the latest trends.
  • Google Related Searches – Scroll to the bottom of the SERPs and discover related content ideas.
  • Google People Also Ask – This section of the SERP is below the featured snippets and will give you many suggestions for related questions.

4. Take advantage of Keyword Tools

There are a lot of ways you can use a keyword research tool to generate a list of topics that your target audience is searching for online. Below are some of the top picks:

  • SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool – This can be your go-to tool for searching the right keywords and related terms and questions.
  • Google Keyword Planner – Start by logging in with your AdWords account, and from there, you can search keywords and see search volume statistics and keyword ideas.
  • – This specific tool enables you to list topics that people are always searching for in all search engines, especially Google.
  • Answer the public – This particular tool generates a visualization of questions people always ask about a topic.
  • Quora – When you enter a phrase and word on Quora, it generates a list of questions the users are asking. This sparks blog topic ideas, especially if you look further by filtering the topics.
  • Ahrefs – This keyword generator tool is free and can help you find relevant keywords from its database of 8 billion queries. You may enter up to ten words and phrases and select from one of six keyword ideas reports.

5. Practice social listening

Social media is only possible if you know what you are looking for. But once you finally know where your target prospects are hanging out online, social media will become a tool you can leverage to look at ideal blog topics to boost your SEO.

We suggest you:

  • Join many groups related to your industry, of course.
  • Follow hashtags related to your service offerings.
  • Take time to see what people online say about various trends and subjects in your sector.
  • Determine if there is a pain point of your prospects your services or products can solve.

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6. Use Medium to Long Tail Keywords

Medium and long-tail keywords can improve your conversions and click-through rates because they answer queries from your customers in the specific stage of the buyer’s journey. Being very particular with your construction blog topics and keywords is counterintuitive. However, when you focus on writing blogs that answer specific questions, you will attract the audience who want your service offerings.

In essence, you are pre-qualifying your audience. You might have fewer website visitors, but the ones who click through your website will more likely convert into buyers. 

7. Analyze your competitor’s keywords

Make sure to examine relevant topics that both your direct and indirect closest competitors cover. Know that industry blogs are your nearest competitors, regardless if they do not offer services like yours. Broaden your online reach and keep an eye on your competitors, especially if your target goal is to attract more organic traffic related to your target audience and customers.

  • Go straight to your competitor’s blogs and check if categories exist that showcase their general focus. Remember to check tags, if possible, and filter them to determine what categories are most prevalent in the blog articles.
  • Determine the pillar topics and consider adding a few of them to your content plan. Note that it should match your content strategy and has sufficient volume.
  • Find gaps in your strategy.
  • Lastly, search for trending topics relevant to your sector and incorporate them into your content plan. Helps You Find the Best Topics


Knowing where to look for the best blog topics that improve your overall SEO is the key aspect of a well-rounded content marketing tactic that gets results. Following the tips and tools, we suggested above will not leave you with guesswork. So, the next time you sit down to generate a list of topics for your construction blogs, we challenge you to use and follow them consistently. We hope these tactics worked best for you as much as they worked perfectly for us. We love to hear the results!

But if you need help in creating a digital marketing plan and SEO strategy for your construction business, look no further than us. Here at, we offer a range of affordable SEO services in the USA that cater to your company’s unique SEO and marketing needs. Consider how our digital marketing and SEO team can:

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  • Determine what multi-channel tactics are helping your construction business the most via referrals and backlink growth.
  • Monitor overall search traffic, impressions, click-through rate, and data to find where to improve underperforming pages and improve high-performing ones.
  • Isolate some parts of your website that have higher bounce rates and strategize methods to help prevent website exits
  • Read between the lines in web traffic data to determine when things are going wrong and where and how to resolve it before it is too late.

These are just some tasks our team can do on your behalf. Nevertheless, these are the most common benefits of hiring us. Contact us today! Know that finding the right topics for your construction blogs and improving your SEO does not have to be complicated. We got you covered!