How to Measure Brand Awareness Like Never Before This 2023?

How to Measure Brand Awareness Like Never Before This 2023?

Brand awareness or brand recognition is vital for building the reputation of your construction business, attracting the right audience, and retaining a loyal customer base. While your company may understand how to increase its brand recognition, there could be a recurring struggle in measuring the success of the overall efforts.

And unless you are tracking the right metrics using the right methods, your company will keep struggling to measure brand recognition. So, here is everything you need to know about effectively measuring brand recognition – especially in 2023, when today’s market is constantly changing and hyper-competitive, resulting in difficulty building and boosting the brand.


What is Brand Awareness?


Before you even begin to measure brand recognition, you need to understand what it is. At its peak, it represents the idea that people know your construction company exists and what you offer. If people, especially your target audience, are unaware that you exist in the market, how will they know about your brand and the services and products your company offers? The answer is brand awareness.

Brand recognition is the key solution and driver of sales. It ensures that your construction brand values, messaging, and logo are consistent in all channels. Customers genuinely appreciate it whenever a business has a consistent brand. As a matter of fact, 68% or more than two-thirds of businesses say brand consistency has contributed to revenue growth of around 10% or more. 

Brand awareness is a combination of the three aspects below:

  • Brand name (Logo awareness)
  • Product Awareness
  • Awareness of your core brand values
  • Always come up with the best name for your brand, and point out the good core values that speak volumes to your brand.


Why Is Measuring Brand Awareness Necessary?


When working on boosting your brand recognition, measurement is the most fundamental part of the process and usually, the first thing to prioritize. Taking stock of where you are and your goals will be the basis and benchmark of the overall online marketing performance.

In other words, gathering and standardizing critical brand awareness measurement metrics allows you to better view the progress over time and eventually understand how well your marketing efforts are working.

Furthermore, with brand recognition in particular, it is worth noting that accurate measurement will give you insights about all your efforts in general, whether it is social media, leads acquisition, etc. And most importantly, it will give you a better understanding of positioning your brand in the market.


Measure Your Brand Recognition with These Six Strategies


Below are the strategies that can help you measure your brand recognition successfully. Most of the strategies focus on the most important metrics. We break them down comprehensively for you to understand them easily. 


1. Create a customer survey

One of the best ways to measure brand recognition is by focusing directly on the main source – your target audience. Like many other brands and industries, start creating and distributing customer surveys. Doing so will help you gain insights into how your construction clients found you and the areas they recall seeing your construction company.

Also, consider how you will be going to distribute the surveys. Consumers are way different today – with an attention span shorter than your patience. Also, you can’t trust traditional surveys too because these will not give you the level of engagement you need to get accurate and honest metrics.


2. Examine social media for brand metrics

Social media is the heart of brand awareness. This is the right place to start if you want to level up your brand strategy. By default, you can access massive metrics and the best analytic tools to provide you with critical and helpful brand recognition insights. 

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can deliver useful KPIs for brand recognition, including likes, shares, impressions, comments, etc. It also lets you know whether your brand recognition is positive or negative and if that kind of awareness motivates people to follow your accounts and engage. 

Here are some key metrics you need to pay attention to in social media:

  • Tracking how much of your content is already being viewed, including repeat views.
  • Tracking the number of likes, comments, and shares your social posting receives.
  • Checking how many times people hashtag your brand with their posts.


3. Look at the search volume

The search volume indicates the number of search queries for a certain search term in the search engine within a given timeframe. And if you are working to establish brand awareness on search engines like Google, look at the search volume around your construction business and your target industry keywords. With such insight, you can find the number of people searching your business by name and the services or products you offer. 

Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, SEMrush, and MOZ are some of the best online tools to measure search volume. By constantly tracking your search volume with the help of these tools, you will also have the opportunity to know your competitor’s search volume and make a quick comparison. 

All the data you obtained is very helpful for creating well-informed, targeted campaigns that help you build awareness around certain keywords.


4. Focus on Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization is a proven powerful tool for building awareness for your brand, especially within your area. If your construction business is still small, you must depend largely on your local consumers to avail of the services and products you offer. And this only means that your SEO efforts should focus on the local audiences to put your marketing dollars to great use and make your business thrive. 

Local SEO specifically helps you in targeting people within your geographic area. And the more you appear in the search results for local terms, the more people in your community will recognize, remember and reach for your business.


5. Look at your website traffic

If you want to use web traffic to measure your brand awareness, ensure you are looking at the right places. Google Analytics will help you determine and track how many people have typed your URL into their address bar or used the browser bookmark. 

While it can be harder for you to determine the proportion of your visitors, you can measure the below in the meantime:

  • Increase in organic vs. paid search traffic
  • Increase in website sessions between new and returning users.
  • Increase in email traffic.


6. Research your mentions

Mentions are any place where your construction brand name appears, including social media pages, blogs, websites, etc. As much as possible, simplify finding and spotting these mentions in your existing brand awareness campaigns.

Know also that the more people talking about your construction brand, the better your brand recall will be. When you finally understand who mentions your brand, how often they do it, and what makes up their audience, you can make well-informed decisions about your future campaigns.


Updated Complete List of Brand Awareness Metrics


Refer to the list below to ensure you uncover the most important insights from your brand recognition efforts. 


1. Website traffic brand awareness metrics

  • Organic traffic: This refers to the volume of users visiting your site via targeted keywords on the search engine over time.
  • Search volume: The number of searches that contain keywords that contain your brand name or are linked with your brand over a given time. We just recently cited this metric above.
  • Direct traffic: This occurs whenever a visitor arrives directly on your website without having to click on the link through another site.
  • Referral traffic: This segment of traffic usually arrives on your site via another source.
  • Total website traffic: This is the total number of users visiting your website.
  • Backlinks: This is an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another site.


2. Social media brand awareness metrics

  • Social engagement: This is the number of individuals engaged with your posts and brands on social media platforms.
  • Social shares: These are the shares on the social network from the users to their connections, either by groups or specific individuals.
  • Social mentions: These are social posts that reference your brand.
  • Total followers: This is the total number of users following your official social media account.


3. Survey research brand awareness metrics

  • Aided brand recognition: This is the measure of how well your brand is recognized by the audience when prompted by name or any other information, like your brand logo or slogan.
  • Unaided brand recognition: This measures how well consumers recognize your brand without any promotions.


4. Public relations brand awareness metrics

  • Total media coverage: These are all blog articles, video content, and other digital content where your brand or product/services are a subject of discussion.
  • Brand mentions: This references your brand, company, and service offerings online.


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