How to Revamp Your PPC Strategy in Construction Marketing

How to Revamp Your PPC Strategy in Construction Marketing

From B2B to B2C businesses, everyone is investing in PPC campaigns and continues to refine them every chance they get. PPC has always been an easy and very effective strategy for brand awareness, reaching potential customers, and increasing sales.

Reaching a wider, specific audience more quickly with minimal effort is possible with B2B PPC. That is why it has always been the first choice for many top marketers and business leaders.

If you are looking to enhance your PPC strategy for your B2B construction business, this blog is for you. Find out the importance of a personalized PPC strategy and how it can help you immediately showcase your construction services.


The Importance of a Tailored B2B PPC Strategy


Anybody who is managing a B2B business already knows that the buying cycle process varies from B2C in many ways. Take a closer look below:

  • Longer sales cycle: B2B cycles may last for weeks or even years. The B2C cycle, on the other hand, is more likely to last within a few minutes to a few days.
  • More steps in the decision-making process: In B2B, several stakeholders are usually involved in the decision-making process. People in different areas of the business, such as leadership, finance, etc., will weigh in on the decision. This is completely different in B2C because people are making decisions for themselves.
  • More complex services and products: As a construction business owner, you will agree that the majority of B2B businesses offer products and services that are designed to be implemented in the business rather than specific people. It only means there is a difficulty and level of complexity in incorporating them with existing processes.
  • Different information requirements: In B2C, customers tend to make decisions based on their guts and feelings. In a B2B setting, stakeholders will set detailed criteria for a service or product to meet. In addition, there can be free consultations, demos, trials, technical specifications, and so on.
  • Bigger financial obligations: B2C purchases are typically one-off or bought with a simple existing credit arrangement, whereas B2B transactions are a lot bigger, more complex and can be under negotiations.

With all of these factors, it is easy to determine that these two have different approaches. So, it is important that as a B2B company, you should know that a one-size-fits-all approach will never work for your PPC campaign, and ultimately, refinement of your PPC strategy is necessary over time.


Revamp Your PPC Strategy with these Tactics


The main goal is to refine your PPC strategy to improve your overall campaign performance and get the results you want. Our team of PPC specialists will share several advanced PPC techniques that can widen the sphere of your current campaign.

1. Remarketing

Google ads remarketing is one of the best ways for your construction business to remain connected with potential clients right after leaving your website. You can leverage the power of remarketing via Google Display Network to make your brand constantly exposed to users.

By integrating remarketing into your current PPC campaign, you can reach your audience more easily, who can then be your prospective customers. Remarketing will make your ad content more relevant and personalized to their needs beyond their original interaction with your search ads. 

This is such a great way to nurture your potential lead and keep them within your ecosystem.

2. Advertise on LinkedIn and other top platforms

While Google prides itself on fitting so well with both B2B and B2C, some B2B companies wish to market to platforms with more B2B-centric audiences. As a construction business owner, you also wish to market your brand other than Google. Well, LinkedIn’s top-tier advertising tools are the answer to everyone’s desire!

LinkedIn offers many options for detailed targeting based on specific criteria like industry, job title, skills, and company size. This enables you to have more comprehensive or detailed targeting than you can possibly imagine. 

Also, we want to remind you that LinkedIn ads are quite expensive because of the level of accuracy in their targeting. If you have set a budget for your campaign, then you may include this as part of your PPC strategy.

3. Prepare for the end of third-party cookies

Google is bound to phase out third-party cookies in 2024, followed by some of the tech giants like Apple. The phase-out will dramatically impact PPC strategies, so as a construction business owner who invested in PPC ads, it is crucial to get ready. 

Expect that the cookie-less landscape will increasingly evolve while new trends are emerging. We share with you top options other than third-party data. Gathering this data will make your campaign more flexible and faster to adapt to the changes and ultimately help you deal with data loss.  

  • Shift to first-party data: First-party data is one of the many options. You can dedicate more resources to capturing consent to collect and use the data (purchase histories, email addresses, contact numbers, etc.)
  • Use session data: You may collect data to improve customer experience and encourage soft conversions such as account creation, email sign-ups, and more.
  • Predictive analytics: You can use AI to make wider predictions from small data sets.
  • Encrypted data: Leverage encrypted technologies when gathering data while respecting the users’ privacy.
  • Fill the gaps: Make use of Google Analytics 4 as well as Google Signals to fill the existing gaps in your data.

As cookies are being slowly phased out, transitioning into a more privacy-centric approach is the new move.

4. Measure and optimize PPC performance

Continuous assessment and optimization are as important as creating and implementing a successful B2B PPC campaign. This is the stage where you will see your campaign performance data, make conclusions based on them, and then refine your PPC campaign accordingly.

There are metrics you must constantly track to measure the effectiveness of your campaign:

  • Cost per lead (CPL): This metric refers to the average cost per generated lead. It is very helpful for understanding whether or not your campaign budget is spent efficiently.
  • Customer lifetime value (CLV): This metric is the average lifetime value of a client generated via PPC. It is useful in conceptualizing your campaign ROI and setting future budget allocation.
  • Click-through rate (CTR): This metrics is the ratio of ad clicks times the ads being showed. CTR is very useful in determining whether or not your ads are engaging to the users as intended.

The above Key performance indicators are highly relevant to B2B PPC campaigns mainly because they reflect the presence of multiple stakeholders, the longer sales cycle, and the complexity of the process.

5. Use automation against manual PPC campaigns

As platforms like Google Ads integrate more automated features, you have to make a clear choice like all other marketers and business leaders. How do you run your current PPC campaigns? Do you keep running them manually, or perhaps you take advantage of automation, even if it only delivers a slight performance hit?

Well, the best way to answer these questions is to just run automated campaigns against your manual campaigns. Determine if your manual efforts have beaten automation and by how much exactly? Is it worth your extra effort? Also, look at how automation adapts to these changes. 

Always look for opportunities where manual or automation can win. This will give you insights you can use to enhance your overall PPC campaign performance.

6. Perform A/B testing

Well, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to a B2B PPC campaign. You have to set your target keywords and landing pages, gather all kinds of data, and so on.

Testing multiple variations of each moving part is important in achieving a successful PPC performance. A/B testing will help you get started. You have to use Google, as it allows you to test many variations and will give you information on what part of your PPC strategy delivers the best audience engagement. 

You can constantly perform A/B testing in your PPC campaigns, leading to their successful performance. Always remember that the best B2B PPC campaigns are the ones that are always subject to continuous refinement and are making the most of accurate data.


Want to Supercharge your B2B PPC Campaign? 


PPC has always been a quicker solution for showcasing your construction brand to the digital world than other marketing strategies. So, given today’s continuously emerging trends online, you better revamp it immediately.

If you are nowhere near figuring out how to refine your campaign, our agency can help you with that.

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