How to Rock at Lead Generation thru LinkedIn – 10 Tips for Contractors

How to Rock at Lead Generation thru LinkedIn – 10 Tips for Contractors

What is the most common challenge faced by any business owner like you? Perhaps, you are thinking one thing – generating qualified leads that can be converted into regular and repeating clients. With the rise of the internet and online marketing, the strategies and techniques for lead generation have also evolved. As a matter of fact, you will no longer single-handedly rely on age-old tactics like promotional SMS and word-of-the-mouth.

Then, what must you do as a contractor who owns a business? We suggest you focus more on utilizing various digital social media platforms, specifically LinkedIn, for lead generation. Over the years, LinkedIn has grown by bounds and leads since its inception.

In this blog, we will share ten tips that can help you rock your Lead Generation. So, shall we get started?

What is the Truest Potential of LinkedIn for Generating Leads?


Whenever social media marketing double-crossed your mind, LinkedIn is sometimes not the most apparent option. However, this professional networking site offers a treasure-trove of B2B marketing opportunities. LinkedIn is often frequented and used by top-level decision-makers, top-level influencers, and industry thought leaders.

Armed with the best strategies, you can grab the attention and grow your construction business while generating more leads. With LinkedIn, your website traffic increases too, causing to reinforce the credibility of your construction brand.

Impressive, right? Now you know that a solid and effective Linked lead generation strategy can take your construction business to new heights! However, promoting your construction brand on LinkedIn can be somehow tricky. Grabbing the limelight while generating leads without trying to appear too promotional is the right action.

Turning LinkedIn Profile as Your Lead Generation Tool


To achieve your goal of generating more and more leads, you must apply the best strategies for LinkedIn lead generation. Here are some tips we prepare only for construction professionals like you.

1. Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

To have a complete and updated profile is one of the most vital aspects of LinkedIn Lead Generation. It showcases the first glimpse of your skillset and service offerings to prospective clients and leads. Thus, it should be captivating enough to create a powerful first impression. Take actions since this is especially essential for construction business owners who are looking to bag new jobs projects and attract potential clients.

Complete your LinkedIn Profile with the following instructions below:

  • Your LinkedIn page must contain relevant and comprehensive information about work experiences, academic backgrounds, job titles, professional achievements, etc.
  • Mention the projects you already have worked on and put full details outlining your contribution and role.
  • Request some recommendations from your colleagues and other industry leaders to strengthen the credibility of your profile.
  • Never forget to complete your Company page for your construction brand/business. Provide complete details as usual, including location, size, operational years, service offerings, etc.

2. Use LinkedIn’s Advertising Options

If your goal is to take your content beyond your current followers and connections, you must start exploring numerous options offered by LinkedIn. To start, the simplest way is to craft posts using your most valuable and engaging content. Compelling CTAs (call to action) can help maximize your conversions.

LinkedIn facilitates accurate and specific targeting, helping you reach out to the right audience.

3. Do not ignore Optimization

The potential of SEO is not limited to Google. Actually, you can apply the same principles to optimize your profile and Company Page fully. But why is that important? It ensures your brand and name show up when somebody searches for services related to you, on and off to LinkedIn. In turn, it makes beneficial for LinkedIn Lead Generation.

The very first step is to determine the keywords you want your LinkedIn profile to rank for. This usually requires an understanding of the search queries and execution of Keyword Research. Identify what your target audience is likely to use. In the same way as SEO, you can optimize your profile for long-tail keywords to target more particular leads effectively.

4. Connect with Profile Visitors

LinkedIn will send you “Someone has recently viewed your profile”. Upon receiving such notifications, email instantly to your visitor. Apparently, most people end up ignoring such notifications. When it comes to LinkedIn lead generation, however, these emails will give you a handful of helpful information as well as help you find potential clients.

When somebody views the profile, it is evident that they have taken some interest in your service offerings. It is highly suggested that you should track them down using email notifications. Use the “Who’s viewed your profile?” section from the Profile drop-down menu. In the long run, it can help you connect with more potential clients, helping you grow your construction business.

5. Publish Engaging Blog Content

You can make yourself and your company more discoverable on LinkedIn by fully optimizing your profile and Company page using relevant keywords. However, to retain the attention of profile visitors, you should publish quality, original, and relevant content. So, how does relevant content help?

· This will help position your construction company as an authority figure on specific topics.

  • It boosts your reputation as an industry thought leader.
  • It helps drive traffic to your construction website.
  • It helps convert traffic into leads.
  • Content creating/Blogging helps with link building.
  • It drives long-term results.

6. Create Conversion-friendly posts

Besides featuring high-quality content, you should add to your posts interesting captions, bullet points as well as visual elements like emoji/s to your LinkedIn updates. You should also accompany these posts with the proper CTAs and links. This will aid LinkedIn Lead generation by constantly driving traffic to your blogs, website, or landing pages.

To effectively generate leads on LinkedIn, make sure you do not flood your posts with promotional jargon. Instead, you should provide your target audience with additional resources that will help them get more info about you and your construction brand.

7. Join LinkedIn Groups

The most effective way to widen your target audience, build connections, and accelerate the LinkedIn lead generation process is to join groups on the platform. Do not restrict yourself to the groups that only focus on your industry/niche. You must expand your horizon and join groups to help your business grow.

Take a closer look at LinkedIn’s guides on choosing and selecting the right groups.

Once you have joined a particular group, make sure to contribute during group conversations. You may include links to your current blog posts and landing pages to increase the traffic of your construction website. To conclude, joining groups truly builds connections and even positions your construction brand as an industry expert.

8. Use LinkedIn Pulse for the Lead Generation

LinkedIn Pulse is a news social platform integrated with LinkedIn. So, why does it matter to your construction business? How can it help you? With LinkedIn Pulse, you can post articles and discover a much bigger audience than what you can reach via your articles.

Just think of it as a guest post, but on a larger audience base platform without requiring editor approvals. Posting your blog articles on LinkedIn Pulse can help you reach a relevant and large audience, helping you to become an industry expert.

Given that LinkedIn Pulse is a news platform, it is best to publish blogs based on the latest construction industry trends. Below are some tips that could help you use LinkedIn Pulse for lead generation purposes and get the best results out of it:

  • Optimize Your Headlines – Headlines are the first thing your target viewers see. Writing short but precise headlines is the first step towards getting people to read your posts.
  • Use Visuals – Using images in your post makes it more engaging and attractive. Use eye-catching visuals to grab your audience’s attention and get more reads.
  • Add Links to Your Website – The same as the guest post on any website, you can add your site links to your blogs posted on LinkedIn Pulse.
  • Cross-Promote all your posts on other platforms –Promoting your posts outside the platform itself is a better means of improving the reach of your online content.

LinkedIn Must Be Part of Your Lead Generation Plan


LinkedIn is always one of the best platforms to connect with many professionals in the industry and generate leads for your construction business. So, with this platform being part of your lead generation plan, you can grab the attention of your target clients quickly. So, you have to use the right strategy and understand your online presence first.

Not adapting to the Lead Generation landscape might cause you to lose many incredible opportunities. Your target audience may turn to your closest competitors with a more visible online presence. You do not want that to happen.

So, we are here, ready to help you. At, your digital marketing needs are our priority. We have a strong background in construction, and we use the latest marketing techniques to help your construction business grow.

Contact us today! Our goal is to help you accomplish your ultimate aim.