How to Structure a Detailed Construction Marketing Plan This 2022?

How to Structure a Detailed Construction Marketing Plan This 2022?

To successfully deliver an effective marketing campaign for your business, you must plan ahead and make further improvements along the way. 2022 is almost over and the perfect time to level up your campaigns. Know that a properly structured and well-executed marketing plan can boost your company’s bottom line as you generate more leads and customers.

If you approach your marketing plans without the right strategy to execute them accordingly, you are wasting money and time. In this blog post, we will show you the importance of a comprehensive marketing plan, including the steps and tips on building the right structure for your marketing campaigns.


Why is a Complete Construction Marketing Plan Important?


A strong marketing plan or strategy can reach your target audience. And this includes those who have never heard of your construction brand to repeat prospects and clients. Without a defined and comprehensive plan, you will throw things to the wall to figure out what sticks. And this will be costing you time, costs, and some resources.

Having a defined online marketing plan will benefit you in many ways, including:

  • Help you tie your marketing efforts to your business objectives
  • Align your team to the marketing goals
  • Allow you to determine and assess what resonates best with your target audience.


Steps to Get You Started with Your Marketing Plan


There are seven key steps in structuring a detailed marketing plan. See these steps below:


1. Ideation, Research, and Setting Goals

To establish a great marketing campaign, you must have the right ideas, and these ideas should effectively appeal to your target audience. Yet, many businesses today need the right approach to generate the right ideas for their marketing efforts. It is important that you should explore and experiment to come up with the right approach.

The following are some factors you have to consider when generating some great ideas:

  • Customer’s needs: A great way to assess your marketing efforts is how your customers and prospects receive them. If they do not like it, your campaign is unlikely to accomplish its aims.
  • Budget: The budget you set for your marketing campaigns determines the scale and number of ideas you create.
  • People: Having the right, skilled people can determine whether you can implement your ideas correctly or not.

Moreover, a proper research exercise can give you the right info to make the best decisions for your internet marketing plans. Here are some of the elements you need to research:

  • Customer demographics
  • Customer pain points
  • Market size
  • Current trends
  • New opportunities
  • Competitor Analysis

With thorough research into the elements we cited above, you can make the right decisions on moving forward with your marketing campaigns. 

2. Determine your target personas

Having a buyer persona is vital for your marketing campaigns. The first step to identifying your target persona is clearly stating the issues your services can solve. Who are the people who need the solutions you offer? Which type of people can you serve best with your service offerings?

To make your target personas more effective, you must treat every prospect of yours like a human being. Tailor your message to their particular needs and expectations. Here are some critical details you have to put in your personas:

  • Name
  • Background
  • Demographics
  • Age group
  • Job and position
  • Working hours
  • The major challenges
  • Income
  • Goals and challenges
  • Location of residence

3. Build and Test Your Landing Page

Another vital element of your construction marketing plan is your landing page. No matter the many marketing goals you have already achieved, it all starts with lead capture. In fact, every other thing is just secondary, even your sales. To put it simply, the major objective of your landing page is to capture leads.

To capture more leads and boost your conversion rate, one critical step you need to carry out is to offer a lead magnet. Lead magnets can be a white paper, an ebook, or free trial, or a free demo of your product. This will encourage your leads, and you can eventually build trust in them, nudging them to avail of your service offerings.

Keep this rule in mind when designing a high-converting landing page for your marketing campaign:

  • Post a single offer: Stick to one offer per web page; too many offers on one web page can confuse your ideal prospects.
  • Leave out the navigation: Showcasing the navigation bar can distract your visitors and may lead them to another page, and we suggest you take them off.
  • Avoid links from your web page: Links can take the leads away from your landing page, and there can be a possibility that you will lose your leads.
  • Make it mobile-optimized: Online visitors must be able to view your landing page, or you will lose an opportunity to gain more leads.

4. Setting Up and Tracking Goals

If the goal of your campaign is to generate more web traffic, then Unique visitors and Pageviews are two of the most important and actionable metrics you should begin tracking. Yet, if you have other goals like ebook downloads, number of leads, etc., the number of views can be a vanity metric.

But how do you exactly measure the important metrics for your marketing campaign? You can trust Google Analytics – a popular platform and tool that allows you to track your marketing goals in four ways.”

  • Destination: When setting a destination goal, you must have a page showing the goals achieved.
  • Duration: This goal can measure the time people can spend on your construction website. Set a goal on how long a lead needs to view your website to understand the services offered.
  • Page/Screens per session: You can track engagement here and set the number of pages a user can view per session as a goal.
  • Event: This is where you can track user interactions from your construction website. Set up a tracking code on the page to create an event goal in Google Analytics. Use Google Analytics and explore all of its features to your advantage.

5. Bring it to fruition 

At this point, your overall planning and structuring should help you visualize how your campaign will be carried out and by which teams. The last step is to bring that together and assign some actions to your marketing plans.

You can start by reaching out to your target audience via message. You can use several channels to get your message across to your target audience. However, the reality is that you can only use some of these channels at a time, despite having enough resources. That is why you need extra hands when it comes to marketing distribution. Here at, our full-service digital marketing agency has a team of marketing and automation experts who can guarantee a well-planned marketing strategy to grow your leads and ROI. All your campaigns plans will come to fruition when you work with people with the knowledge and expertise.

6. Lead Nurturing

When you bring your plans to fruition or continuously capture many leads, the job still needs to be done from a marketing point of view.

Lead nurturing is the process of reinforcing and developing relationships with your prospects at every stage of the sales funnel. An effective, successful lead nurturing program focuses on communication and marketing efforts on listening to the prospects’ needs while providing details and answers they need to increase brand awareness, build trust, and maintain a strong connection until the prospects are ready to avail services.

Nurture your leads; there are many ways you can begin with that. You can start with email messages and focus on harmonizing the interactions.


It is Time to Build a Solid Marketing Plan for Your Business


Building the right structure for your marketing campaign will give you the best opportunity for success amidst the intense competition. We hope you follow all the guidelines and steps we share above. Your campaign will surely be effective and thriving, motivating more of your target prospects to take the bold step and become your loyal customers.

You are equipped now with insights. So, it is time to do the work! You can do the minimal steps first or choose to get the ball rolling with the help of a marketing team. You can partner with us. is a trusted digital marketing consultancy agency that can help you structure and launch the right marketing campaign for your business. We offer various services, from social media marketing, content marketing, SEO strategies, Keyword Research, Google My Business, and more.


A strong sales pipeline starts with well-planned and well-executed marketing plans.

So, if you are ready with your construction marketing strategy with one of the leading agencies today, talk to us today. Let’s start creating a marketing plan that drives results.