Local SEO Comprehensive Guide for Contractors

Local SEO Comprehensive Guide for Contractors

Gaining conversions and attracting quality leads is one of the top goals of your business. And without any of them, your business couldn’t stand at all. As a contractor who runs a business, you need to find your target market, show them your value, and convince them to become your client. Therefore, it is crucial to increase your online visibility and follow the trend of globalization.

While this may be a good thing that your construction business is expanding beyond the borders, you may be doing this at the cost of your local customers. This is where Local Search Engine Optimization comes into play.

If you know nothing about local SEO, take this blog as your comprehensive guide.

What is Local Search Engine Optimization?


In general, there are four elements of site SEO that every contractor has to focus on. Local Search Engine Optimization is one of them. As a whole, Search Engine Optimization works to ensure your construction brand is visible online in any form of search. Local SEO primarily focuses on promoting your brand within the local geographic area, which is particularly beneficial for business owners like you who are looking to surpass or outrank your competitors in the search results in the local marketplace.

 It only shows how important it is to invest in Local Search Engine Optimization, right? And you should be. The primary reason established contractors invest in this SEO tactic nowadays is the increasing number of prospects using online resources before reaching a construction company. The trend has been increasing and eventually became popular until now.

Here are great reasons why you need to invest in Local SEO:

  • A lot of people start searching for a good contractor by conducting thorough research online.
  • A lot of contractors receive new clients through websites that are being optimized for local search.
  • Almost 85% of all construction-related searches nowadays are done via Google.

Local SEO Tips for Contractors


Check out these four tips on how to leverage local Search Engine Optimization for your constriction business:

1. Rack up online reviews

Local Search Engine Optimization utilizes different ranking factors compared to traditional SEO. Therefore, you always need to change up your approach if you are already doing SEO on your site. Fortunately, one of the most crucial ranking factors is just so easy to obtain – reviews.

Encourage your customers to provide reviews. Go over the details. Know that Google uses reviews to learn more about your company’s reliability and trustworthiness, and Google will reward you with higher rankings. But always remember that in everything you do for your construction business, whether your website or your GMB, you should put your client’s needs first.

2. Nail Your NAP

We hear you, but this one is easy to remember. NAP stands for the Name of your business, address of the business, and phone number of your business. You will be asked to enter your NAP whenever you set up your Google My Business, which Google will consider the most accurate version of your NAP.

But why should Google care whether your NAP is accurate or not? Google is always looking for clues about the quality and trustworthiness of your business. The better signs they see, the more you’re your SEO improves. In contrast, your SEO will suffer if they see discrepancies or things that confuse them.

3. Target local keywords

One of the many important features of robust Local SEO is using local keywords. And since your customers search for services and products using the names of towns, landmarks, areas, and suburbs, you must include the exact keywords across your online presence. Let us start with your construction website.

Do not randomly throw these keywords and expect results. Instead, always be tactical with where you will use them. The most important places to include your local keywords are:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Title tags
  • Headlines (H1, H2, etc.)
  • Your URLs
  • Your content

4. Develop Optimized Content

Content on the website designed to support service offerings and goals while educating the audience is a practical digital marketing tactic and a solid approach to organic SEO. Search engines always look for updated and meaningful content when crawling search ques.

Below are some impactful users and organic SEO content:

  • Take advantage of what clients are searching for and what your closest competitors look like. If they share their professional tips, it might be beneficial for you to do the same thing.
  • Despite the content you put into your website, always include relevant keywords, meta descriptions, header tags, and business locations.
  • Choose content that supports your service offerings and goals. For example, blogs help your target audience understand your construction business and services more. Blog content also provides solutions to your audience’s problems.

5. Create individual service pages

Every service you offer must have a dedicated web page with a unique URL. Search engines never like to crawl pages that have loads of information. It will hurt your ranking in Google Search However, even before you start building your web pages, ensure you have enough content for every service and perform keyword research.

Below is a quick-service page tips:

  • Incorporate relevant videos and photos.
  • Write targeted media descriptions.
  • Add a CTA button like “Contact Us” form.
  • The copy should be a minimum of three hundred words.

If you do not have sufficient information to meet the above criteria, try combining two similar services on one page. And always remember – too little information per page can negatively impact your ranking, especially when directing paid traffic to your web page.

6. Strategize for link signals

Link signals are one of the most important ranking factors for organic SEO. Link signals can tell search engines how crucial your construction website is, and the website that is linked to yours can create a backlink. And these backlinks give a domain authority score, telling the search engine how powerful a website is by all search engine ranking factors.

Reasons Why You Should Take Local SEO Seriously


1. More and more people are turning to the Internet

We already started this previously – people are doing thorough research, and the Internet has become their means to find information about your business, services, and products. Gone already the hype of Yellow Pages or other paper-based business directories, and Online directories are the main thing when finding business information and services.

2. The increasing importance of ranking in the top three of Google Maps

Whenever your target prospects search for your services and products, Google Maps will immediately show the users the top three results in the search query. This appears right at the top of the search engine results page (SERP), just below Google Ads. It then shows vital information like customer review ratings, business opening hours, address, and contact information – making it easier for your target prospects to contact you.

3. The competitive edge

The odds are that most of your closest competitors are not aware of the many benefits of local SEO. So, they are probably unable to optimize their GMB accounts and offsite listings for SEO targeting. Tackling local search engine optimization heads-on while keeping up-to-date with your business information and listings across various platforms provides you with a solid competitive edge.

4. Fantastic ROI

While most traditional marketing ways, like newspaper ads still being used now, it also incurs wasted spend where possible conversions fail to be materialized. Having a roundabout might be good for staying in front of the mind, yet it isn’t easy to track.

On the other hand, Local Search Engine Optimization means that your construction business will only be shown to clients actively looking for your products and services. And apart from some initial costs to manage your SEO efforts, overhead is typically low.

Once everything is up and running, it brings excellent results!

5. Ease of use and nurture your customer relationships

Local SEO provides a better way to connect with your local prospects and customers. For many of your prospects, the first interaction with your brand is through your construction website. By fully optimizing your construction website for local search and offering solutions relevant to your prospect’s needs, you establish trust for your brand, which will benefit you in the long run.

Boost Your Local SEO Today with ConstructionMarketing.io


No matter how powerful your inbound marketing campaign or how responsive your website will be, conducting Local Search Engine Optimization tactics can broaden your target audience tenfold if done correctly. However, the SEO world can be complex to navigate, and it may be difficult for you to learn and do it on your own.

Local SEO uses various optimization strategies, requiring you to approach your online presence with strong discipline and a little marketing know-how. So, if you value your free time and are keen to get the increase in leads and clients without the hassle of doing it all by yourself, partner with us. Here in ConstructionMarketing.io, we are very much aware of the SEO strategies, which drive more quality, organic traffic straight to your construction website – therefore, getting you more and more opportunities for conversions.

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