Planning to Switch to a New Construction Marketing Agency – What Should I Do?

Planning to Switch to a New Construction Marketing Agency – What Should I Do?

Planning to switch to another agency as a partner is not new in the business world. There are many reasons why business owners do this; either their contract is expiring, or the visions of both parties no longer align. Sometimes, the reasons are more personal. If you are in the same situation, it is time to change. At the end of the day, business is business, and you need to do what is best for your marketing campaigns and construction business.

However, transitioning to a new marketing agency can be overwhelming. You have to have the right mindset and decide rationally, and most importantly, you must know what factors to consider when choosing the next agency to partner with.

In this blog post, you will learn the right thing to do when switching to a new agency and some of the things you need to consider when choosing a new one.


But Why do Businesses Switch to Different Marketing Agencies?


Aside from an expiring contract, unaligned visions, and other personal reasons like what just mentioned earlier, the following may occur to many business owners like you:

1. Miscommunication

If the goals, deadlines, and expectations are not communicated clearly to both parties, the result can be a complete breakdown of the professional relationship. This fallout may lead to postings and submission delays, increasing overall costs. Miscommunication significantly leads to unnecessary conflicts and arguments.

2. Poor project management

Digital marketing agencies tend to have POC for clients. The POC is the one that helps organize everything and present it to the client. If POC is disorganized, uncoordinated, and ignores calls and emails, that is the last thing you want to experience as the agency’s client. However, the whole thing can lead to poor project management, giving you a reason to back out and find a new agency partner.

3. Incapability to adopt

Your business needs dynamic solutions for the marketing campaigns that are dedicated to it. So, while your construction business continues to adjust to the ever-changing market conditions, so does your marketing agency partner. Agencies without flexible marketing plans cannot adapt to changes. So, if your current agency does not have that dynamic, your brand suffers, and your business may struggle to scale up.

4. Budget cuts

A rise or reduction in the marketing budget may also lead to a need for a new agency partner. Agencies already have a budget for all the campaigns, promotions, etc. But sometimes, businesses undergo budget cuts, and if this happens, they usually have to find a new agency that can deliver the same outstanding results using a new budget. Other reasons why businesses slash budgets are due to the ROI or return on investment based on the overall performance outcome of their current marketing agency.

5. Cultural misalignment

Cultural alignment is another reason a business transitions to a new marketing agency. This situation usually involves a lack of honesty and transparency. Perhaps you and your current agency partner have different views about success. If these differences in goals or visions continue, disconnection will occur, leading to misunderstandings between parties.


Tips for a Successful Transition to a New Agency


Once things are sorted out and your decision to transition to a new marketing agency is final, you must consider the following. As a construction marketing agency that works with many clients, ending the business relationship appropriately and professionally is still important. 

Hope you can benefit from these valuable tips:

1. Review your contract

Before you find a new marketing agency, it is best to review your current contract. These contracts are very lengthy and may have several hidden clauses. It is crucial to tackle each clause individually to ensure everything is accurate and nothing is added unless necessary. 

If there are a lot of moving parts, sometimes you need to have a legal counselor to help you with the entire process. Once you are clear on all the terms of your existing contract with your partner, you can begin searching for other agencies without worrying too much.

2. Make sure to take control of all your tools

Your construction company must take ownership of all the contracts and online solutions for marketing campaigns and other online strategies. Should your partnership with the agency end, you do not want to be in the position where you fight for your business data or acquire it as an Excel dump, which is a horrible experience. 

So, make sure to own all your contracts and take ownership of all the tools. This will give you the power seat!

3. Account ownership

Before switching from your current agency to the new one, it’s best to ask for all your content collateral. This collateral includes images, videos, reports, blogs, presentations, etc. You need to ask for this because all the content is created specifically for your brand and already paid for. In short, this belongs to your construction business, and you must request your previous agency transfer all of these materials to you before the end of the notice period.

Aside from the online solutions and tools stated previously, dashboards, passwords, domain names, web ownerships, business social media pages, forms, and other accounts must all be handed over to you. If you cannot acquire any of this – your business may start all over again with the new digital marketing agency, which will cost you marketing dollars again!

4. Request for a solution design reference

Solution design reference is the setup documents of your existing construction marketing strategy. You must request all of this documentation concerning the design, execution, campaign setups, and account setups. These documents can help your new agency and its manager and teams understand the nitty-gritty of your construction brand and its online marketing strategy.

As an agency, we can attest that most digital marketing agencies today keep all documentation of their client’s solution design references in case any internal team switches.

5. Get the context and other instructions

Set aside time to have an insightful conversation with your current agency about the customizations and decisions that require further explanation. Some items may not be fully completed and need additional instructions. Ask your agency if they have a standard implementation method, like adding segments to your business emails or generating reports, or if any workarounds are in place and why.


What to Look for in a New Agency Partner?


With numerous marketing agencies existing today, you need help with which to pick. When you go through the selection process, you must ensure that the next agency you will partner with has the kind of culture you want and, most importantly, is the best fit for marketing and business goals.

Here are four most important factors you need to consider when choosing a new marketing agency:

1. They completely understand the need for change

Any business needs dynamic marketing solutions and teams that adapt well to the changing digital landscape. Your business needs to partner with a dynamic agency to adjust your campaigns to meet your target audience’s expectations and outperform your competitors.

2. Offer new goals

When picking a new agency, always select the one that holds a past record of goals, milestones, schedules, etc. Agencies like these are impressive as they constantly look and devise new plans to improve your overall campaigns and enhance engagement with your target construction clients. Ultimately, they enjoy the challenge of delivering superb results!

3. Look for an agency with wide experience in your industry

It is worth your while to seek an agency with great experience in your sector. Not only do they understand your pain points, but their expertise and marketing tactics will help you craft your next campaigns on another level, specifically tailored to your target audience and business goals.

A strong background in your sector means the agency can help you have killer marketing campaigns that build your online presence, boost your brand awareness, and increase your conversions!

4. What results are they promising to you?

Unfortunately, far too many marketing agencies today are unreliable and dishonest. They are the ones that often promise you superb results but do not live up to their word. If an agency offers to deliver you results no one else can, you can directly ask them to prove it. Have them expose their golden tactic, which they claim makes them different from the others.


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