Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important for Your Construction Business

Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important for Your Construction Business

Ask the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in any top-tier organization about tips for reaching their many business goals. Before you even ask your question, you will hear Digital Marketing as their top response to your inquiry. Digital Marketing got the number one spot as the best solution. For many business leaders, digital marketing is flexible, more affordable, and interactive compared to traditional marketing methods. Even top-performing small to mid-sized companies are getting better rankings, improving their best practices, increasing engagement, and rising from the competition through digital marketing.

The digital marketing stream is not only reserved for big corporations. In fact, it is for everybody. Despite the slow adaption to technologies and advancements in construction, digital marketing is being embraced. 

In this blog, learn more about digital marketing and why it is an important aspect of your business. Find out also the top online marketing channels suitable for your business.


But What is Digital Marketing?


Digital Marketing or Online Marketing is, well, marketing in every sense. It has the same basic principles as any other type of marketing, except with online marketing reaching out to customers is usually done via digital mediums.

In construction, digital marketing enables firms to create a brand that helps them broaden their customer base, increase awareness, strengthen their online presence, and more. And it has been such a real game changer knowing how construction is slow to embrace the latest trends and technologies. 

Over time, digital marketing has been widely recognized in the sector. It has become a standard, a pillar, a necessity, and an essential component to achieving business success and growth.


Why Your Construction Business Should Focus on Digital Marketing?


Apart from everyone is already investing in online marketing (which is already a valid reason for you to do the same thing too), here we cite more reasons why your business has to focus more on this area truly:


1. Your customers are online

Did you know that the average person spends around 7 hours every single day online? This is a mix of work-related online use and recreational use. People spend almost half their waking hours in the digital space, with about 13% of their day on social media. 

Before, business owners had this type of access to many people online. So, as a construction business owner, you have almost the entire day to reach out to your target customers anywhere and anytime. And this alone makes online marketing the single most important investment you can focus more on aside from other areas of your business.


2. It is easy to engage and retain your customers

Digital marketing provides a multi-channel approach you can always take advantage of and showcase your products and services in a more controlled space. A study shows that a business that markets its service offerings using every possible traffic channel has an average CTR or customer retention rate of 98%. This is a huge difference from other companies with a less reinforced marketing strategy, which usually has a CTR of 33 percent.

Moreover, the rise of social media is a game changer! – where interactive online become easy and seamless. You can reach out to your customers, answer questions, and provide solutions in real time and on the go.


3. Your competitors are already doing digital 

If you are still not convinced why digital marketing is important for your business, you can look at your competitors. They are all using it, which only means you are already left behind from the trend. If you want to carve your way to digital marketing slowly, here are some helpful questions to guide you:

  • Does your competitor use blogs more often? Do they promote their content with the use of videos?
  • How do your closest competitors communicate their brand, and what makes them entirely different from your competitors?
  • What is their level of interaction or engagement with their main audience? Is there anything you can do even better?

One of the best ways to suggest is to research your competitors. This is to help you find out what these people are doing and using – from the platforms they use to the keywords they specifically target and other means that help them drive traffic. 

The very first step to conducting competitor research is to figure out who your nearest competitors are. With analytics tools like Google Analytics (GA), you can easily identify who these competitors are. Tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs are useful, too, for further research right after identifying your competitors.


4. You can appeal to the biggest market

With a realm of social media platforms and a website environment, you will have a lot of places to interact and reach out to your target customers. The social media space alone gives you many opportunities. Social media channels are way different. Here, you can focus on a more personalized and customized individual marketing strategy, which helps create more ways to appeal to your target customers.

Try focusing your marketing efforts on platforms that are popular with your target customers, like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. As of April 2023, Facebook has the most active users, holding the first place of the world’s most useful social media platforms.


5. It is more cost-effective and faster

Digital marketing gives you a lot of opportunities to take advantage of the entire digital system rather than the physical estate. For instance, with social media, you can learn to keep up with many social media trends and create something that can go viral and reach millions. It is faster, simpler, and will drive results quickly.

If you analyze it better, it simply means that apart from paying a digital marketing team, your business may only spend $0 on the entire marketing campaign.


6. You get an impressive ROI

Digital marketing delivers quick and solid results at every turn! And email marketing is one of the top-tier marketing tactics that give the highest ROIs among other methods. Also, it is a top choice for lead acquisition campaigns. So, always try email marketing, as it allows you to grow and profit from your efforts.

Apart from getting an impressive ROI, digital marketing allows you to run a campaign with a lower budget but still get a higher ROI simultaneously. Impressive right? And over time, with your continuous marketing efforts, you can increase customer satisfaction, improve profitability, and boost your overall business growth.


What Digital Marketing Channels Will You Need for Your Business?


Digital marketing comes in many forms, and you can use each to widen your reach. Remember that the key to a working and successful marketing campaign is to create a well-rounded digital marketing strategy by using multiple channels. 

To help you decide what types of digital marketing are best for your construction business, here are the best profit-driving channels this 2023:


1. Email marketing

We recently mentioned in the blog that email marketing is the best channel that delivers the highest ROIs among other methods. 4 out of 5 marketers stated they’d rather give up social media than email marketing.

The beauty of email marketing is that it is an owned channel – which simply means you are fully in charge of deciding how and when to contact your subscribers.

Remember that personalization is key if you want to send newsletters or emails about your product launches. Make your emails fully interactive too. The goal of many brands this 2023 is to create a more personalized and interactive email – enabling subscribers and customers to complete certain actions and be part of the sales funnel!


2. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing generates social proof and brand awareness by recruiting creators and influencers on social media to mention and endorse your brand. This type of marketing has been a trend for a couple of years. But in 2023, it is set to become even more essential. 

If you are disoriented that you cannot find an influencer with millions of followers, do not worry because micro-influencers play an increasingly crucial role. The key for your construction brand to step up with its influencer marketing in 2023 is to look for influencers with dedicated and fully engaged followings relevant to your target audience and industry.


3. SEO

SEO is setting your website and every part of it to rank higher on the SERPs. When used strategically, it brings you many benefits, including more qualified leads, improved SEO performance, traffic, etc. 

Leads you get through Search Engine Optimization usually have a higher close rate than other channels. And with the costs of PPC ads increasingly rising, SEO will become one of the most important digital marketing approaches for 2023. 


4. Content Marketing

From organic social posts and blogs to short and long-form videos, content marketing is a powerful tool you should incorporate in your digital marketing toolkit this 2023. 

A multi-faceted approach to content marketing is a great way to build your construction brand as the authority, enhance website performance, establish brand awareness, and drive more traffic. Overall, this approach plays a key part in your conversion funnel. 


5. Social Media

Global spending on services and goods via social media platforms is expected to surpass $1 trillion. This is why, despite the rising acquisition costs, social media has always been an important aspect of every marketing strategy this 2023. 

We highly recommend you take advantage of the following social platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


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