6 Reasons your Construction Business Must Be on Google My Business

6 Reasons your Construction Business Must Be on Google My Business

If you’re about to or have already taken your construction business online, chances are, the very first thing you did was to build a website and create social media accounts. That is great and is the very first place to start. However, there’s a critical element in your online strategy that shouldn’t be overlooked – your GMB profile. Just in case if you didn’t know, GMB is proving to be Google’s successful and very effective social media platform.

Over time, it just keeps on getting better and better. In fact, more and more companies realize the value of GMB. In this blog, discover what Google My Business is and the primary reasons why your business should start engaging on it. Read further below.

What is Google My Business (GMB)? 


GMB combines Google maps, search, and Google +, including Insights, Google Analytics, and Reviews, into one simple, user-friendly interface. It means that your local construction company will now be much easier to find by potential customers online. When they search, they will be able to see your construction business listing, together with a description of your photos, business, opening times, and contact details.

Using GMB for your construction company can help improve results from other online marketing channels that can also improve your return on investments (ROI). But what can you do with GMB? Read below:

  • Update your company profile
  • Showcase your services and products
  • Gain customer interest 
  • Obtain detailed insights
  • Share your company’s latest offers

Your Construction Business has to be in Google My Business Now


Huge thanks to today’s technology, it is now easier and faster to promote your services and products. According to Search Engine Watch, around 50% of the people who use mobile phones today for local searches end up visiting the store or the company. Considering almost everybody uses mobile phones for local searches these days, can you imagine the potential sales you can obtain just through organic search and GMB?

Creating, validating, and adequately optimizing your GMB account is an invaluable opportunity, which is why you should use this particular feature to its fullest extent. So what else can GMB give you? Here are top reasons why you need GMB for your construction business:

Visibility on Google Search and Maps


One of the most significant benefits of your profile on GMB is the prime real estate it can instantly occupy in search results. GMB profiles generally appear in the Local “3-pack” area and also in Google Maps results. When you perform a Google search, the first three listings are reserved for Google Ad words advertisements, otherwise known as “paid search.” The Local 3-pack used to be a record of 7 results. In fact, it’s precious and located in a highly visible place and on the search.

So having your GMB profile appear in Local 3-Pack when it comes to search items is very valuable to your business. It also means that you can tap into potential revenue because your business will have noticeable results. And since you don’t pay for the Local 3-pack, your GMB listing is very affordable compared to paid ads that usually appear in the top search results.

1. GMB provides insights that will give Helpful Information

GMB is a beneficial tool for your construction business. It promotes your services and products and helps you further understand the industry and the market itself. So, how is that even possible? GMB comes with several powerful features that can provide insights on vital areas. This tool enables you to access insights and statistics that can help identify where your audience is coming from.’

  • Views – GMB shows you the number of views that your company profile, posts, and photos, are getting. It is especially crucial to verify the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
  • Search Queries – you’re going to be provided with a report where you learn and understand how consumers search your business. It shows how people are searching, particularly what keywords they input, to find your listing.
  • Engagement – you will be shown how your audience is interacting with your posts. It allows you to see what posts they share and the comments they leave.
  • Audience – GMB has a specific section to find a profile summary from the people who follow you. You can determine the age groups, gender, and also the countries they come from.  
  • Clicks on website link – you’re allowed to see the number of clicks on your website link.
  • Reviews – Reviews build trust, create, and display approachable experiences. It also establishes brand recognition, improves your Local SEO, and drives sales to your construction business. Reviews you got online will strongly correlate in building trust and visibility online, especially in Google search. 

2. GMB is Cost-Effective

As previously mentioned, GMB is an accessible business listing on one of the largest search engines on the Internet, putting your construction business in front of various potential clients. Like GMB, there are also many other prominent directories online for different industries. However, such listings often come up with a specific price range, whether it’s a monthly fixed-rate or yearly rate.

Your GMB listing gives potential customers easy access to your website, operation hours, phone number, and directions with a click of a button, all at no cost to you. Your free GMB profile will also give your clients an inside look at your construction business by providing insights into your review ratings and busiest hours. If you’re starting or have a limited budget, know that every dollar counts. Having such a valuable resource for free allows you to direct your resources everywhere.

3. GMB is an effective tool to promote offers and events

Say you are a startup construction business that doesn’t have a website yet. Is it possible for you to promote your services and other relevant content using GMB? The answer is a big Yes! Last 2017, business owners can use a specific feature called Google Posts, allowing you to roll out content for your business’s Google Search and Google Maps knowledge panel.

This is particularly helpful for businesses that are yet to establish their online marketing profiles or engage in social media management. This works the same way as posting on Facebook. Keeping possible clients abreast with your current happenings will help your startup construction business be ahead of your competitors.

4. GMB drives you more leads

Potential clients go straight to Google not just to search for a contact number or a business address but to acquire informed decisions. They rely on the information they read using their own devices. Your company’s GMB profile will let you get reviews and responds to your client’s reviews. In fact, one Google survey reveals that – businesses that respond to reviews are 1.8x more trustworthy compared to businesses that don’t.

Why do you need to respond to online reviews anyway? All because excellent customer service and credibility will always go a long way. As a result, it will redirect you to more and more leads.

5. It’s Absolutely Free and Easy to Use

No matter how good the services are, their potential won’t be fully maximized if impractical and overprice. Fortunately, that’s not going to be the case when it comes to GMB. In fact, this efficient tool is free and easy to use. Hence, even startups can use it to promote businesses. Creating and validating your profile can only be done in a matter of hours. 

And with a GMB account, you can connect with clients across the Google platforms. And when used correctly, GMB can help you further increase your revenue and provide insights about your client base. 

Leverage GMB to promote your Construction Business and Generate Leads


GMB is already proven to be one of the most potent and effective ways to boost a business’s local search optimization and online visibility. Are you thinking of listing your construction business with GMB? You already have heard how it’s essential for attracting new clients locally, but you’re still wondering where to start, or probably you’re somehow guessing if it makes much of a difference to your business. 

So take the first step to entrust your business’s online presence with a full-service digital marketing agency that has a background in construction. 

You needed to do many things to make your account stand out from your competitors, and the tricks of the trade are typically only known by those in the trade and who have the experience. Entrust your company’s online reputation with Construction Marketing Experts. We know what needs to be done and what Google likes to see, which only means your fully optimized and managed GMB account will show up higher in the results.

For GMB service, we provide the following:

  • GMB profile set-up and optimization
  • Monthly posting and updating 
  • Local citation tracking and building
  • Listing maintenance and Local Directory Submission
  • Google Analytics Set-up and Integration
  • Monthly Reporting and Analytics

Key Takeaways


Any construction company looking for ways to grow its visibility, local reach, and profitability should start engaging with GMB. As a free and yet simple tool to use, GMB is a powerful tool that companies small and large can use in their online marketing strategy. The benefits of GMB are vast, and companies who take the effort to optimize and manage their accounts are most likely gaining more and more reach and sales from local customers.