Social Media A Very Effective Way to Grow Your Construction Business

Social Media: A Very Effective Way to Grow Your Construction Business

Most construction professionals doesn’t believe in social media, especially contractors. In fact, when it comes to adopting digital technologies and marketing strategies, the construction sector is left behind. Have you tried posting a few photos of your completed construction projects on Facebook? Often, you’re reason for posting was because you have heard it as the “new thing.”

Here’s the truth, actually. The platforms where people showcase and promote their businesses have constantly been changing and evolving, but marketing fundamentals never change. So how do you market your business and reach your target audience? As a construction business owner, you should be aware that using social media can help you get those potential clients, helping you grow and expand your construction business. 

Read further to discover why social media is an excellent tool for your business, including the best social media sites you can use.

1. It expands your brand

One of the main advantages of social media marketing on your construction companies is brand awareness. In most cases, people don’t select companies that they never actually heard of before. And when posting online, you will have a cost-effective way to increase your company’s digital transparency further. Nonetheless, you will never have the chance to reach target clients or even stand out from the crowd.

And to increase your brand awareness, you should have a unique brand. Ask yourself the following:

  • What’s the unique value that can make you different from your competitors?
  • How can you show your followers that value online?

Having eye-catching and unique social media posts and custom blog articles can help you stand out from the crowd. More and more people will start to see your brand online. The more time people see your brand, the more brand recognition you can build. And as they learn more about your business and your brand, trust will begin to develop too!

2. You can Uncover Construction Industry Trends

If you’re not up-to-date with industry trends, you’re most likely falling behind the competition. Good thing that online marketing is here! It will help you keep up with the latest construction trends. Additionally, you’re going to know what your customers are looking forward to.

Social media encourages people and businesses to become transparent and remain to be like that. There, brands and consumers exchange conversations in real-time. Those conversations often include complaints and your customers’ significant interests. 

Make sure to keep track of these trends because they can help you when you’re promoting and marketing your construction services online.

If you don’t have any idea of these trends and fail to market these new services, your prospects may think you’re out of date. People these days wanted to be working and partnering with the best construction company. So, keep an eye on the hashtags your competitors and customers are using.

3. You Can Keep Up with Your Competitors

Keeping up with current trends in the industry will help you to keep up with your competitors, too! Facebook marketing is some of the best ways for you to keep an eye on any of your local competitors. So what are your competitors promoting? What ads are they creating?

What content do your competitor’s followers respond to the most? Social media will allow you to conduct a comprehensive social, competitive analysis. Then, you can learn more and more about what your competitors are doing to attract new leads. These strategic methods include advertising, content, and even the ways they communicate to their followers online. 

You can use all of the information you gathered to improve your own social media strategy further. To make things much easier for you, partner with a team of digital marketing experts like us. We can easily identify your local competitors and implement a competitive analysis at the same time. You’re missing out on the chance to get ahead of the curve if you’re doing everything on your own.

4. Improves Your Customer Service

Nowadays, more and more people are heading online to inquire, complain, ask questions, or learn about new companies. Sure there are emails and phone calls, but sometimes, it can feel frustrating and tedious. Social media marketing can give you an excellent cheat chance to enhance your customer service. It’s easy, quick and allows you to respond because these platforms are where they mostly spend their time.

When it comes to social media, you can have back and forth conversations with your clients in real-time. This allows clients, prospects, and competitors to see how you interact with your clients. It also helps you show prospective customers and current clients that you’re there and eager to help.

A positive customer service experience encourages prospective clients to come back. It helps you improve brand trust and loyalty as well.

5. Attract More Leads and Improves Your ROI

Marketing your construction business in social media helps you attract website traffic. And as people learn more about your business and your brand through social media, they will immediately head to your website and then learn more. There, you can make use and apply CTAs (Call-to-Action) to encourage visitors to become leads.

With little nurturing, you can turn those leads into paying clients. 

The Best Social Media Platforms to Use for Your Construction Company


There are numerous social media sites out there. In many cases, it can be overwhelming to maintain your company’s social media accounts every single time. After careful research, we’ve chosen the following seven best social media networks for your construction company.

1. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a vital B2B (business-to-business) social media network. It’s an excellent platform for connecting with other construction professionals and various businesses. It’s no wonder that almost 90% of the top construction companies maintain a professional profile on LinkedIn.

Know that LinkedIn is quite different from other social media platforms. LinkedIn, as a matter of fact, is about establishing and maintaining a professional reputation. Use it for your business’s advantage. Establish yourself as a construction business expert by sharing professional advice and valuable industry about the industry. 

2. Twitter

Twitter isn’t just a social media site that everyone uses. In fact, Twitter is also a microblogging platform. It’s an easy go-to place for business conversations and forming strong connections with your clients. In addition to that, Twitter also allows you to make connections and be friends with other marketers.

A report shows that a whopping 96% of UK’s top construction firms are on Twitter, and 90% of them actively post and engage with their followers. This only shows a lot about the effectiveness of Twitter as a social media platform to build new connections.

3. Facebook

The most prominent social media platform in the world is Facebook. Almost 65% of top construction companies are engaging on Facebook. Hence, it’s a vast platform that your construction business cannot afford to miss. Most of your soon-to-be clients or prospects are expecting to see you on Facebook.

So you must create a Facebook page for your business. Stay relevant, ask customers for reviews, post regularly, and always connect and engage!

4. YouTube

Video marketing is on the rise. A report published by Cisco estimates that around 80% of internet traffic usually comes from videos. YouTube isn’t only the second most widely used social media site, but it’s the second largest search engine right after Google. Hence, it’s best to get engaged in the video marketing train the right way. 

All types of videos go viral on YouTube every single time. You’re about to experience a learning curve, but it’s worth your effort and time.

5. Instagram

For the most part, all you see on Instagram are fantastic and aesthetic photos. You may think that this social media site is only for visual companies like a clothing stores, modeling agencies, travel agencies, etc. However, it’s a very decent platform to expand and grow your construction business using media content from all of your projects.

6. Houzz

 Houzz is an online community dedicated to landscaping, architecture, creative construction, and interior and exterior designs. It consists of millions of homeowners and commercial building owners and hundreds of thousands of professionals showcasing their work. In Houzz, you can establish your professional expertise by responding to some user-posted questions on the forums. 

Our Approach to Social Media Management and Why Choose Us?


It’s common knowledge that it takes time and effort to establish an online presence on social media sites. Gaining credibility in the industry can be a tough job as well. While you’re running your construction business, allow us to help you in marketing your business online.

At Construction Marketing, we understand our client’s business needs and we embrace the importance of an excellent social media strategy. We can deliver all the marketing expertise and expected results you need in one place. We are an end-to-end digital marketing agency with a strong background in construction that provides integrated marketing strategies, implementing them with the dedication and skills needed to take your business to the next level.

We see ourselves as your integrated digital marketing partner in your business. And the services we offer like Blog Articles, Keyword Research, Social Media strategy, SEO strategy, and Website Design can help grow your business. Hence, we’re striving to obtain a much deeper understanding of your company, what you offer to your clients, and what your goals are!

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