Social Media Optimization – 6 Tactics Every Contractor Must Know for Better Results

Social Media Optimization – 6 Tactics Every Contractor Must Know for Better Results

Optimization does not have to be a scary word in construction marketing. Probably you are thinking right now on SEO and restrictive, rigid keyword research requirements. Or perhaps you relate optimization with stripping any creativity aspect from your marketing. In fact, the reality, though? SMO or Social Media Optimization is a whole different ballgame.

Because while today’s businesses are on board with social media, a lot has failed to create fundamental changes that could significantly boost their performance and get better results. So, are you doing the right thing for your construction company? If not, then there’s still nothing to worry about. Because the good news is that optimizing the social media presence of your business does not mean sacrificing your construction brand’s voice as well as its creativity.

For this blog, we will break down and share some helpful social media optimization techniques that can give you much better results!

What’s Exactly the Point of Social Media Optimization?


SMO or social media optimization encourages businesses to review, audit, analyze, and make adjustments to both the accounts and content to stay in line with the best practices of social media. The basic concept of SMO is pretty much straightforward. Much like CRO (conversion rate optimization) or SEO requires testing and tweaking, so does SMO.

As a contractor, why should you bother? Because while many other brands make their social media efforts seem so easy, the reality is that top-performing accounts do not ignore the fine details of optimization. Here are the main three-fold benefits of SMO that you should know about:

  • Increase the reach and visibility of your blog content, leading to greater engagement (traffic, clicks, and so on.)
  • Assess the entire ROI, including your social media marketing results, such as brand awareness, sales, etc.
  • Develop a constant process in creating content that is crafted to perform well (relative to your brand)
  • By optimizing your Social Media, you increase the probability of hitting your KPIs and make your job way easier by creating the proper process for fine-tuning your blog content.

Seven Social Media Optimization Tactics You Need to Try


Social media works a bit differently. They require a little more effort both in targeting and creativity, but they can also seriously pay off once you have your strategies put in place. Each of the SEO tactics will work to help you craft tighter, cleaner social media campaigns that work to effectively deliver better, more targeted results and leads in a way that maximizes your budget.

1. Make sure you are extra clear on your goals

Not to sound like a cracked record, but if you do not know your goals, it isn’t easy to achieve them. If your social media campaigns have been running for a good while, and you are just feeling a little comfortable about the results, it is worth thinking back to your actual goals for setting up the said campaign.

Have those goals of yours changed? Have your goals for your company changed?

Speaking of your brand awareness level on social media platforms, are you feeling confident about it? Perhaps, you may try to switch up your goals to put up more of the results you are looking for. Not sure where to start? Read on the following:

  • What are your goals for the quarter?
  • Develop campaign goals that align
  • Ensure you are assessing social media campaigns properly

2. Take another closer look at your target audiences

For several companies, it is easy to set and forget their social audiences. Are you doing the same thing? You launch your campaigns, you get busy, and they keep running. If you are looking to optimize your social media for much better results, your primary audience is a great place to begin.

For instance, if your ads have been running for a long while, you probably have tons of collective data on how your current audience is performing. If your ads do not perform well with your existing audiences, it is time for the latest updates. Pull up your buyer personas and examine them thoroughly.

  • What is the age bracket of your primary audience?
  • What are their main concerns and pain points?
  • What are their most looking forward to your services?
  • What social media channels do they use most often?

As you begin analyzing your personas, verify the implications you are making with data you have from previous social media campaigns. While this task is a lot more complicated than you expect, you could always ask for help from a top-notch digital marketing agency like – your reliable agency partner ready to help you with your digital marketing needs.

3. Use High-Quality Creative

If you optimize your social media campaigns, one of the top places to begin is your creativity. By means of creativity, it refers to images, videos, and even copy. These are the core of social media campaigns.

If you are not sure where to start, here are a few best practices you can try and implement:

  • Choose originality: If your ads look like everybody else’s, they will get skipped and ignored. Ensure to bring what makes you unique to your creative ads.
  • Use video: Not a single thing can make a social media user stop like videos. Make your creative movement/motion videos going.
  • Invest in photography: High-quality original images will go a long way. If you do not prefer videos, you can go for photos for your campaigns.

4. Rethink Your Copy

You are running social media ads to drive your revenue significantly, aren’t you? So, alright then, a copy is important. In fact, one of the easy ways to optimize your social media campaigns is to revamp your messaging and all other types of content you have.

Take a closer look at the copy you have right now. Does it:

  • Tell a story and speak to your target audience?
  • Maintain a constant brand identity across platforms (voice, style, tone)?
  • What pain points and challenges resonate with your audience?
  • Does your copy invite actions? Do you use CTAs?

If “NO” is your answer to any questions above, your copy needs a little bit of tweaking. Use bold, bright copy that is interesting and invites action. Make sure that it speaks directly to what you are trying to achieve.

5. Maximize Your Social Media Budget

There are tons of ways to budget your social media campaigns. However, do thorough research first, take the time to understand where your money is going fully, and exactly when. Doing so will help you know you are making the most of it.

  • Spend smartly: If you are planning out the budget, make sure to know exactly where it is going.
  • Choose the right audience: If you noticed you are pretty spending so much and not getting the targeted results, consider narrowing your primary focus to the audience who are most likely to convert.
  • Keep an eye on analytics: What is the most crucial thing you must remember when optimizing a social media campaign? Never forget about it. We refer to analytics. Ensure to check in regularly to determine how your budget is spent, how quick, and what results are delivered.

6. Implement Link Optimization

This is an aspect of SMO that often flies under the radar. Yet, the key to effectively assessing the ROI of every single post and your social efforts is through Link Optimization.

So, if your construction business is on social media, you should not just drop random links! There’s a lot of decision-making and brainstorming to do. Focus on link-building practices to get started with link optimization. If you master link optimization, you can easily track your client’s behavior whenever they click through and determine your top-performing social content. To simplify, you must strive to:

  • Asses which links are receiving the most clicks
  • Make sure that you are sending your audience to the right landing pages and links.
  • Set parameters on your social links to easily track click attribution.

7. Go for Performance Optimization

So, here we are finally. The end goal of optimization is to boost your construction brand’s performance on social media. This only means moving the needle on key metrics related to audience awareness, engagement, and share of voice for many businesses: more traffic, clicks, conversions, and etc.

Better performance starts with analytics as you closely monitor what is working and what is not when it comes to your social content. For beginners like you, make sure to:

  • Determine the top-performing content of your construction brand based upon your KPIs
  • Monitor mentions and understands your brand’s share of voice vs. competitors,
  • Disclose common threads between posts and links.

When you figure out that the numbers are down, perhaps, it is time to make changes. If you see a surge of interactions, keep doing what you are doing.

How Does Your Construction Business Approach SMO?


Think of the strategies we share above as building the foundation for boosting your social presence. The more of the above steps you implement, the more you can effectively establish and scale your social media campaigns in the future. These expert-level tactics we share with you make you approach social media proactively, paying more attention to the results that matter.

Are you still not sure what to do with your SMO? Perhaps you do not know where to start, or you want a bit more expert guidance. We can help you with that! Here at, our clients and their marketing needs are our top priority.

We have the best modern approach to Social Media Optimization and use the latest digital marketing tools. Collaborate with us and allow us to help you get the best results!

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