The 7 Most Important Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

The 7 Most Important Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

So you are thinking about hiring a digital marketing agency now that you have a construction business? That is great! A digital marketing agency can do great wonders for your construction company – from helping you build a strategic marketing strategy to developing a website that can draw in and convert the leads you desire the most.

When you’re hiring a digital marketing agency, you partner with a group of experts who are all hyper-focused on growing your construction business. That is a pretty cool partnership, isn’t it? However, it’s also one that considers tons of work, time, and effort.

Suppose you are considering hiring a digital marketing agency or are still in the process of hiring one and are unsure about your final decision. In that case, this article will help you in your decision-making process. Here are some of the most critical questions you must ask a digital marketing agency before signing on and finally hiring them.

1. Can You Get Me on the First Page of Google?

This question is critical for one reason – any agency that gives you the YES answer is one that you need to step away from. No matter how great the digital marketing agency is, as you have presumed, only Google understands how the algorithm works, which means a first-page ranking is not something any marketing agency can guarantee instantly. It takes a lot of work.

Suppose you received responses like, “Well, that is what we are going to do – to try and get you on the very first page,” and go on to give you particular strategies they will use to boost your construction company’s ranking potential. In that case, you will probably be in good hands.

Remember that no one can guarantee you a first-page ranking in an instant. Yet, several top digital marketing agencies can offer you the best marketing strategies.

2. Does this Digital Marketing Agency Have a Niche?

There are many agencies like us,, focuses only on one industry. Our team of marketers has vast expertise and experience in the construction industry and has tactics proven to work in such fields. Having the agency specializing in your industry means you are partnering with the right team that already has a base knowledge of the primary landscape within your niche or may even have previous knowledge of your construction company and your unique offering.

Not only has this agency known your unique offers, but it also knows your closest competitors and roadmaps on how to place your construction company ahead.

3. What Goals Are You Setting?

There is nothing more telling about the digital marketing agency than the goals for your marketing campaigns. We introduced to you the SMART goals. SMART goals stand for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

And here at, we like to break our customer’s goals down based on detailed research we have completed by profoundly analyzing their website, site traffic, and industry. We further look at current conversion rates, current traffic, and many more to determine how much we can significantly improve in a period of time.

See how we created SMART goals for a particular client:

Increase organic site traffic to 2,500 monthly visits by 2022

  • Specific: It is our goal to increase organic site traffic, above all.
  • Measurable: The goal is to set a certain number of at least 2,500 monthly visits.
  • Attainable: The attainability of the goal changes depending on the customer’s current website traffic. Of this customer was averaging between 1,000 to 1, 5000 monthly organic site visits, then 2,000 is absolutely an attainable goal.
  • Relevant: If the customer’s overall goal is to increase web conversions and leads continuously, then an instant boost in site traffic is how we can make the goal achievable. This makes it a relevant goal.
  • Timely: We have specified when we exactly like to achieve the goal.

Mentioned above are some types of goals you are expecting and want to see. And it is clear that SMART goals are crucial to be more specific and measure the progress on both sides effectively.

4. When Can I Expect to See the Results?

This is another question where the way a digital marketing agency answers the questions is somewhat more crucial than how they respond. If you hire an agency to do SEO marketing, content marketing, link building to boost your organic ranking, always remember that immediate results take time. So if you are working with an agency that advises otherwise, it is a red flag. Try first to take another closer look at the strategies.

In addition, there is no way to guarantee immediate results because of the way the organic search results work. You should have at least knowledge about this – search engines need some time to crawl to your website. That only means your organic search results may take weeks and even a few months to improve significantly.

Bottom Line: Ask the digital marketing agencies you are considering how soon you expect to see the results. And if they say “Immediately,” ask what they exactly mean by that. You may choose to walk away.

5. What KPIs Do You Track + What Reporting Will You Offer?

It is good to note that a digital marketing agency is your business partner. They are not just a set-and-forget solution. And since you will send them some money for a per month retainer, you may want to know where your money is exactly going and what it is doing for you.

That is why you have to ask this particular question – You need to figure out what Key Performance Indicators they are tracking and how often they are sharing the results with you.

Most quality and top digital marketing agencies track a wide range of KPIs ranging from your search engine rankings to the metrics to your site to your PPC campaign’s overall performance, and etc. The metrics they typically measure depend on your construction company’s unique goals.

The second part of the question is what reporting will be offered?

This is where you need to see the results regularly. Hence, it would help to understand further what is happening and your digital marketing agency’s challenges. In many cases, a regular monthly period is the best. It will give you a much clearer picture of how the strategy is working.

The great digital marketing agency will include some helpful insights and suggestions when moving forward in your actual reports.

6. What Tools Do You Use?

Digital marketing of all kinds is a tool-centric industry. Even the best digital marketers rely on third-party optimization tools to significantly improve marketing campaigns, ensuring their strategies deliver the best results possible.

And before hiring a digital marketing agency, ask what tools they are specifically using and what set of tools they plan to utilize to develop your marketing strategy much further. Make sure to determine if those tools make any sense or are helpful for your overall digital marketing goals.

7. What Will You Need From Me?

This is by far one of the most crucial questions you need to ask before hiring a digital marketing agency. By asking such a question, it will give you and the agency a much better picture of what working on the project looks like for both involved parties.

Your chosen digital marketing agency is a group of digital marketing experts. Although they must have an in-depth knowledge of your construction industry, they are not the experts in that field, but you are.

An excellent digital marketing agency will constantly ask you about feedback. They need it to determine and correctly identify your target audience. They also need to know that the blog content they write for your website is precisely the right one for you. Ultimately, it is your participation that they need the most.

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Agencies promise you a list of many things they will deliver to you, should you pick and hire them. But we challenge you to think back on how you discover them. Did you find them thru a referral from a direct connection? Or did their advertisements pop out somewhere? Perhaps, you searched “digital marketing agency on Google, and they are at the top of the list. These things are the tell-tale signs you will commonly encounter upon searching for a digital marketing agency.

Become a detective and perform the same old-fashioned stalking on your possible partner. Dig deeper into the archives and resources, subscribe to the newsletter, and keep an eye out for the consistency of the performance. This helps you to pick out the best ones in your group of options.

In fact, we are challenging you to dig more on us, Get to know us more on our website and see if our services offerings match your marketing goals. We’re known for offering a range of digital marketing services like Social Media Marketing, Google My Business, Website Development and Design, Content Marketing, Keyword Research, and we have a strong background in construction.

We might be the partner you are looking for. Talk to us today, and let us show you how we can go above and beyond for your construction business.