The Different Types of Content Marketing Ideal for Your Construction Business

The Different Types of Content Marketing Ideal for Your Construction Business

Content marketing can be too much for any type of business. This is especially true for any offline trades like construction firms. Over the years, this huge noticeable gap has been seen between construction business owners and their decision to go digital. This doubt exists to embrace content marketing within their online marketing plans fully. As a business owner, do you have any hesitations too?

At its core, construction content marketing is about crafting engaging and tailor-made content. If you own a business, it will be your opportunity to share valuable information with your target audience and current clients. Start your content marketing journey now. Begin in knowing the different types of content marketing that can speak for your business. 

To start, know first why content marketing is important for your business.

Why Use Content Marketing in Construction?


So, your goal is to see your company name on Google’s first page results. Now, where do you start? Your industry is remarkably competitive. Having quality content marketing can help you stand out by placing you firmly on Search Engines for essential and relevant topics, pulling in more and more qualified leads.

It also builds you a solid authority in the market. The stronger authority you have, the higher you will begin to rank for topics related to your construction services/products. Content marketing can truly nurture leads for you. On top of it all, a smaller investment in content marketing generates more profit, which will be separately explained later below.

Several Types of Construction Content Marketing


Crafting a 3D content plan covering a range of content outlines helps you in ensuring that you are working optimally. Combining your power blog with a video shows that you are creating some content for each type of your client, despite the differences. 

So, here are some of the few content marketing types you can deploy within your construction business, helping you foster growth.

1. Blog Content

Blogs have become the industry standard in terms of digital marketing. Not only do blogs educate and inform and aid in making more helpful purchasing decisions, but it also boosts your SEO organically, making it easier for your potential prospects to find you. 

We share some of the best practices for marketing blogs we compiled through the years. We hope you can use it in your content marketing blogs to deliver the best message at the right time.

  • Write with a more relaxing tone and make sure to cut out the jargon.
  • Make sure your content is easy to digest and not too long
  • Include actionable content your target audience can use to interact effectively with your construction business.
  • Target your content towards combined pain points that your prospects might face.

2. Guides

Your blog content offers you the best opportunity to compile your work into a more organized guide. This guide content may take the form of a Pillar post or E-book, which can more meticulously display the information on a given topic. During your content planning, prepare for an idea of how your blogs and articles can all feed into one more particular piece – making your target audience and clients keep coming back.

3. Website Content

Your website content should be stellar but easy to digest and read. It is the most crucial piece of the marketing pie. Whenever a prospect visits your website, show them what they are precisely looking for. Make sure to answer any questions about your services and products. Your site visitors often want to get more information. 

Credibility, for instance, is a big selling factor, especially for large construction firms. By simply featuring your projects with high-resolution photos on your blogs and thru social media, you can build credibility even before your proposal ever hits the owner’s desk.

4. Video Content

Video content becomes an increasingly important aspect of the client’s experience. It is because the video is a savvy and easy way to connect with your target audience. Videos are perfect for promoting and sharing over social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. With the rise of video content as of 2021, it is an avenue you should not be missing.

Even incorporating video content into any of your blog posts is an effective way to provide more intriguing content. In fact, not everybody is really into reading blog posts. So, you can turn into creating video because your content is most likely to stick around on your site much longer.

5. Social Media Posts

You will be thrilled to know that you can create content on your company’s social media profiles. You can expand your reach and can interact more with your target audience. The best content for your social media post is somehow like a blog. The most amazing thing about this type of content is that it can be repurposed. One of the main differences between social media posts and blogging is the images or photos. High-quality photos can drive social media. Overall, with social media, the length of the content can be shorter. Yet, you can always redirect your visitors back to your construction website or blog section.

What Can Content Marketing Exactly Provide? 


If your content marketing is done right, you can:

  1. Receive more organic traffic – Unlike Facebook Ads and Google AdWords, content marketing provides much steadier growth. While it is not instant like advertisements, it does establish organic traffic and momentum over time. Also, you are in control!
  2. Gain more trust from visitors – One of the most important things to possess in today’s business world is trust. Trust is indeed a costly commodity that is not easily given away. You need to gain the trust of your target audience, and the only way you do so is to deliver quality content for them. Think of the best topics you can share with your audience. Start with the blog topic ideation and brainstorm as much as possible. Explore a range of topics from tips, guides, decision-making, and more.
  3. Enjoy less PPC spend – Facebook and Google Ads are great, but would it be nice not to be too dependent on them? That can happen, especially when you have your organic traffic built up. Creating an ongoing content marketing strategy that is well-outlined and intended is the key. 
  4. Build more awareness – Did you ever know that there are people who are a perfect match for the construction services you offer? Where are they now? And why have they not found your construction brand yet? It depends on the content type you produce. Make sure you are sharing engaging and valuable content. Before you know it, your construction business will start ranking up high because of strong awareness.
  5. Position yourself as an expert – The only way to become successful at something is to be a master of it. By becoming an expert, you can help others and give them high-quality service. So, how can you show others that you are great at what you do? This is when content marketing comes into play. Thru this, it is easier to show your prospects that you are an expert because of the quality of the content you share.
  6. You can generate more profit – As stated previously, if you invest little in content marketing, you will be generating more profit. It has been reported that content marketing can generate 3x leads by utilizing both traditional marketing strategies and advanced tactics. 

With half of the price you pay, you can get triple leads. The other benefit of this marketing is that it is long-lasting. You can invest in it thru and thru. Knowing the right audience to target and the best topics to create can bring your construction business to the first page of Google. 

Content Marketing Designed Especially for Your Business


At, we know exactly what your business needs. We have a strong background in construction and have the best content creators. We are a full-service digital marketing agency that you can trust. We deliver a consistent flow of customers, leads, and specifications for your business through our advanced marketing approach and latest marketing techniques. 

Below are some of the areas we focus more when it comes to your content marketing:

  • How often will your content get updated?
  • What changes are being made to the main context of your content?
  • Traffic metrics
  • The rate link building growth
  • How long ago has the content been created?

With these areas we focused on, rest assured we can create the ideal content for your business. As a result, Google Engines will rank up your content first! Take note that we also offer a range of construction marketing services aside from content marketing. It includes SEO, Google My Business, Website development and design, Social Media Marketing, etc. 

If you want to learn more about improving your content marketing strategy, contact us today! We can help you figure out and craft the best content marketing strategy for your construction business!