Top 8 Goals You Should Set for Your Construction Marketing Strategy

Top 8 Goals You Should Set for Your Construction Marketing Strategy

If someone asks you to list some common marketing goals, can you? When most think of marketing, they go for big flashy goals like high-class commercials or wrapped campaigns. However, the truth is that the real marketing goals focus on strategizing, which is used to measure the success of your campaigns. These goals share the same objective – to improve your brand awareness, grow your construction business, and increase your ROI.  

So, what types of objectives or goals and key results must you set? In this blog, we will cover why goal setting is important, some of the top goals you must set for your marketing strategy, and actionable tips when setting goals for your marketing.

Why is Goal-Setting Important?


Goal setting is important to any marketing efforts you put in. In fact, setting goals leads to greater success in your campaigns. With clear goals in place, you can start building the marketing strategy to achieve them.

1. Goal setting aligns your marketing and sales team

Goal setting, particularly when you determine and define your goals with your teams, eliminates many issues, including the constant disconnection that usually occurs. With goals, your team and marketing teams can work together to define what leads they want and how many of them. All will have a much better sense when it comes to the needs of other teams.

2. Goal setting helps you measure the success of your marketing strategy

When you do not have a benchmark for success, it is pretty hard to determine how well you are doing. Therefore, setting your goals upfront at the beginning of your marketing process helps you figure out what success will look like. Goal setting is a critical part of your marketing process, and more than anything else, it enables you to:

  • Assess where you are and where you like to be
  • Take stock of your construction company’s present situation.
  • Set particular benchmarks and goals that show you when you are making effective efforts to get to that place.

If you do not have any goals to work towards, it is harder to say whether your marketing efforts are working successfully to drive more leads, close sales, or enhance your bottom line, or not.

3. Goal setting helps you more focus on your marketing efforts

There can be tons of tactics you may be using right now. However, in most instances, some of these strategies are not all suited to your company goals. Goal setting enables you to focus more on your marketing efforts while putting your valuable resources and time in place. Overall, setting the right goals will successfully produce the improvements you are looking for from your marketing strategy.

Are you familiar with SMART goals? Setting these goals will help you know where you are and where you want to be. These SMART goals are the goals that can truly help you reach that big yearly goal. These are specific goals within your significant goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

Marketing Goal Examples You Should Set Right Now


1. Build brand awareness

Building brand awareness should be the first one on your list. This goal is very simple – you want to make your construction brand stand out. If no one knows about your business, there is no way people can understand you or purchase your services. Therefore, building brand awareness is critical if you want to generate revenue and sales.

Digital marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization can help you gain transparency in your search results. Apart from SEO, there are many ways you can build transparency and improve brand awareness. This includes:

  • Creating polls to further engage with your target audience
  • Sharing exciting content about your construction company and sector
  • Post on social media networks where you highlight your culture and values.
  • Creating referral programs

2. Rank higher in search results

Ranking higher in search results is next up on your list. Higher search ranking translates to increasing brand awareness, and this contributes to your revenue and leads to goals since more and more people will find your construction business online and reach out to you. When setting your search ranking goals, focus more on targeting keywords related to your business.

3. Increase web traffic

Ranking higher in search results can help more people look for your construction business. It can then send more organic traffic to your construction website – the ground destination for converting leads. Once landed on your site, visitors can check out the blog content that answers their questions, helping them to learn more about your business, services, and products.

Ensure to include internal links and CTAs to help your audience navigate your website and take the next steps.

4. Establish your authority in your industry

Getting people to acknowledge your construction business is excellent, but you know what is even better? Getting them to trust you. So, if you want people to purchase, you have to show them you are the authority in the industry. So, how can you build authority online?

Consider creating informative, helpful content that will answer the user’s questions and position you as a trustworthy source. Sharing SEO-optimized blog content is a great way to boost your rankings in SERPs, which also helps you earn website visits.

5. Generate Qualified Leads

Generating leads is one of the most important things you should prioritize. Make sure these leads are high-quality and qualified. What this means is that you have to attract the interest of people who have the most interest in what you offer. At the same time, you have to target keywords that can be looked up by people who are most likely to purchase.

6. Convert Users

Once you already have your target leads, you need to transform them by taking the last step and purchasing from them. Online marketing tactics like SEO focuses more on attracting people to your website. However, once they are there, you already have to turn them into loyal clients. So make sure to include a lot of conversion opportunities on your website and your marketing materials to make it easier for your target audience to take the next steps.

Ways to increase your conversion rates include:

  • Adding reviews and testimonials to your website.
  • Producing targeted content
  • Writing strong CTAs
  • Make your construction website clean and easy to use.
  • Clear meta descriptions on your webpage.
  • Adding a live chat or help function onsite.
  • Offering satisfaction or money-back guarantees

Pro Tip: You can always calculate and measure any increases in your conversion rates by dividing the number of people who take action. With the total number of website visitors, monitor whether the percentage continuously increases and meets your conversion rate goals.

7. Increase Revenue

The main goal of most marketing campaigns is to generate revenue, and ultimately, all your marketing efforts are targeted at generating revenue. And setting ROI goals can help you more assess and evaluate your marketing campaigns and determine channels that can drive the best results for your construction business.

8. Improve customer lifetime value

You should set marketing goals further to improve CLV, short for customer lifetime value. This refers to the total value of customers from first to last purchase. It usually costs ten times more to reach a new client than to retain any existing clients.

Therefore, enhancing your client loyalty and lifetime value is a worthwhile goal. Your loyal clients will share their recommendations with others, boosting awareness of your construction business. To successfully accomplish this goal, focus more on providing excellent customer service. Treat your clients well, and you will have some that can do the same for you.

More Tips When Setting Strong Goals in Your Marketing


If your team is finally going to meet its marketing goals, you have to create a clear plan that details what you want to achieve, why it is important, how you can achieve it, and how to measure success. We will share some tips when you are set on marketing your goals.

  • Make sure your marketing goals match your company’s broader strategic goals.
  • Determine who on your team is responsible for setting goals and tracking overall progress.
  • Set goals you can measure to determine whether your marketing efforts are successful.
  • Set short-term and small goals next to your long-term and major goals.
  • Always keep your team motivated and feeling active so that they can achieve their goals.
  • Set KPI or key performance indicators so you determine which metrics to assist.
  • Measure any marketing results by week, month, quarter, or annually. This is to easily track progress, quickly make adjustments and compare any data over time.

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