Web Design A Valuable Asset on Your Construction Business

Web Design: A Valuable Asset on Your Construction Business

Your website is one of the essential aspects of your company’s online presence and the design must be right. Your website design can either make or break the services you are trying to deliver. It makes a difference in how you target your audience’s views and potentially turn them into your clients. 

Having a website design with an outstanding user experience results in a much better conversion rate, resulting in a much better business and revenue. In this blog, discover why website design turned out to be one of your business’s biggest assets.

Why is Web Design Important?


Have you started wondering about the importance of website design as you’re looking into your website right now? How does it impact your business, especially your audience? Below are six solid reasons why website designing is one vital element to prioritize for your business. 

1. It sets the first impression

When the audience visits the website, it will give them the very first impression of your business. Within seconds, they will make a quick judgment of your business based on what they discover from your website. Indeed, you want to make a lasting impression on your audience in those first few seconds. If your site looks disagreeable or, worst, outdated, your audience will instantly negatively impression your business. They find your website unappealing, which deters them from your page. 

Eventually, you may lose some leads and your competitors will benefit from that. You don’t want that to happen. This is why website designing is so crucial since it impacts how your audience perceives your company. The impression you give on them can either make them stay or leave your page and turn to your competitor. A good website design can help you keep your leads.

2. It builds trust with the audience

Obviously, people don’t trust poorly constructed or poorly designed websites. No one also wanted to stay from your audience when the displayed information is outdated too. With that all combined, nobody will ever trust or believe in your site. They will view your site as somehow shady because of the obsolete information and unpleasing website design.

Only a professional site with a great website design can build trust with your audience. The audience can be your possible prospects since they’re now trusting you and feel more comfortable checking more details about your company. It’s important to establish trust and integrity with your audience so that they can remain on your site. True enough, a perfect website design creates opportunities for you and your company as you capture these leads.

3. It creates consistency

One of the reasons you want to get new leads is to build up your company’s online presence. It’s your goal to have all your audience get familiar with your construction business and the services you offer. Online website design is fundamental as it helps you create strong consistency across your page.

If your website isn’t consistent, your target audience bounces from yours to another one that looks more professional to them. Hence, by having that consistency, you keep more and more leads on your page much longer, allowing your audience to be more familiar with your business. 

Have the best designs for your website and constantly redesign some areas if necessary.

4. It aids your Local SEO strategy

Many practices and website design elements influence how you’re going to publish on your website. As a result, it affects how search engine spiders crawl or index your website. Take note that it’s one thing you cannot afford to mess up. Hence, if you’re on-page SEO fundamentals aren’t up to stuff, you’re most likely fighting an uphill battle for transparency or visibility from the very start.

Apart from how content is being published on your site, several website designing elements directly affect SEO. It can be tough to understand if you’re not familiar with how it works and functions in most cases. However, to put it simply, the code to use should be SEO-friendly.

To partner up with the best digital marketing agency is the best way to have proper website design practices and search engine visibility.

5. Your competitors are doing it too!

With all the reasons cited above still not convincing you why website design is vital, here’s a big one – all your competitors are already into website designing. Does it sound so intimidating to you? You’re somehow left behind and you don’t want that because you want to stay in the competition.

So put it all together and start having a functional and well-designed website. In actuality, your website’s design is an excellent opportunity for you to set your company apart from your competitors. When you’re competing with other construction firms, you typically have similar pricing and the same services.

Hence, make sure that your business possessed one thing that can make your company unique and different from the rest.

6. A quality Website Design Enhances Conversion Rates

Of course, the goal of website design is the ultimate goal of all web development efforts – the conversion of visitors into customers or leads. A well-designed website is excellent in accomplishing such goals because it offers the audience several features that will make it easier for them to know what you offer. 

Improved brand consistency and visual appeal can make your business look more trustworthy and appealing. Also, greater readability can make it easier for the audience to gather the information they need. The end result is targeted audience who stays longer will usually avail the services you offer.

5 Stats Proving the Importance of Web Design

Here are several eye-opening facts about why website design is essential:

  • ·38% of people will stop viewing your website if your layout and content are unappealing.

It usually takes 0.05 seconds for any users to form an opinion on your website and decide on whether they’re going to leave or stay. Hence, your website’s design, layout and content have to entice your audience enough to let them stay on your site and learn more about your services. 

  • 75% of users make judgments about the company’s credibility based upon the visual design alone. 

When the audience comes across an outdated website design, they will doubt the legitimacy and question the services and products they offer. Next thing you know, they are now looking at the competitor’s site for a much better answer. The research only proves that the look of their websites judges businesses.

  • It only takes the audience fifty milliseconds to form a first impression on your website design. 

Speaking of first impressions, the audience forms them almost instantly. In a split second, the viewers don’t have the chance to read your site or even lick on anything. That fast first impression often varies on the visual design. 

  • 44% of the visitors usually leave the company’s website if there’s no phone number or contact details.

Do you wonder why you haven’t received any calls and messages from anyone? Did you checked the content of your website and see if there’s contact information displayed? Many visitors interested in the services will directly look for the contact details and email. If your website doesn’t displayed it, you’re not getting any leads.

  • 70% of small business websites usually lack a Call to Action (CTA) on the homepage and across their website.

An excellent CTA button directs your audience and gets them to take action. It improves your conversion rates and helps your website achieve its objectives. How are your possible prospects supposed to determine what activities you want them to take if there are no proper CTAs that can help them better find what they’re looking for? 

They don’t and they can’t. And you don’t want that to happen.

To conclude the whole thing, what does all of this mean? It only goes to show that your website is a magnet of judgment. And take note that this judgment isn’t limited to the website itself. It carries over into the way viewers perceive your company as a whole. Any visitor hits on your website, whether it’s because of the content, design, loading time, etc. – can all be detrimental to your chances of making visitors into lead clients. 

Is Your Web Design Making a Great Impact?


Your website design plays a huge role in your marketing campaign’s success online. Therefore, you need a great website design. If you want to drive the best results for your construction business, you should invest in a well-designed website that can drive people to learn more and more about your business and the services you offer.

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Key Takeaways


In this digital age, most businesses have been hands-on developing their respective websites to become more accessible to their clients. With the help of website design, construction business owners like you can have a welcoming and user-friendly online environment where the audience can get helpful information.