What is Construction Marketing Audit

What is Construction Marketing Audit and What Can You Expect from It?

We assume that you are always looking at your metrics, finding the latest trends, and trying to understand how your marketing efforts are performing. But then, when was the last time you took long hard enough to assess how your marketing activities were performing? If you cannot remember and are unsure how your marketing efforts are carried on, you should consider doing a marketing audit.

If you know nothing about marketing audits, this article is for you.

What is Marketing Audit in Construction?


Many companies share the same definition in marketing audits, including construction. A marketing audit in construction is a comprehensive dig into the services and products through its marketing initiatives, strategies, goals, and plans. While this audit helps influence your future marketing efforts, this type of audit is eventually focused on historical and present events and situations.

But the real question here is, does auditing your marketing helps. If yes, what is a marketing audit exactly?

  • Your marketing strategies and policies need exploring and detailed assessment at repeated intervals. A marketing audit helps you evaluate your marketing strategies’ effectiveness, resulting in success with your increased sales and revenue.
  • Your marketing audit targets to determine the successful campaigns and disregard those that take up your resources but do not yield satisfactory results.
  • Unless a marketing audit is carried out, you will never know your inputs’ overheads vs. the sales generated from your marketing activities. But the general practice you should implement is to constantly evaluate, observe and analyze what you are doing and have already done.

Not only does your marketing audit help you see the bigger picture of your marketing, but it can also help you determine what areas are working and what are not.

Why is Construction Marketing Audit Important?


One of the best testaments is allowing you to hit pause and look at your strategies with a new perspective when doing a marketing audit. While quarterly reports will enable you to understand better how your campaigns are performing, performing a marketing audit can get into the ins and outs of your efforts.

Here is some evidence of how vital a marketing audit is:

  • A marketing audit helps you discover your gaps.

Since no marketing strategies of yours are perfect. There is a step that can be added, enhanced upon, and extracted right away.

  • A marketing audit is not just about finding what is wrong and right

It is a way to process what has been working and why. For instance, if your blog content is performing leaps and rank higher than others, it will be your opportunity to examine it further. And from there, you can further implement the same initiatives to mirror its overall success.

  • A marketing audit can be a practical tool to go through the overall procedures, processes, and analytics. 

This can be advantageous when attempting to understand if your efforts need to be shifted elsewhere.

The end goal of your construction marketing audit is to assist you in adding, shifting, or pivoting your marketing efforts. And whether you increase resources and time and decide to pull back in some areas, your construction marketing audit will be your backup to your decisions.

What Is Included in Your Construction Marketing Audit?


Ever wonder what you should include in a marketing audit? Following are the many things to include in this type of audit:

  • The marketing audit should present facts, data, monetary, spending, processes, and hours associated with your activities.
  • Your audit must also include an evaluation of the effectiveness and success that every initiative brings to the table compared to previously determined goals.
  • The marketing audit has to keep facts. It can be challenging to realize that the project you and your team worked hard for does not bring the success you previously hoped for.
  • Your marketing audit must include a presentation of your actual findings. These findings must be digestible and should offer a much bigger picture of how the marketing efforts related to internal resources.
  • Lastly, include in your audit a list of suggestions and recommendations. Such recommendations can be around possible improvements, wherein efforts are being focused, and great ideas are acknowledged.

A marketing audit is ultimately the best of both worlds. Including the requirements listed above can show you a much bigger picture of your marketing efforts. Work with your team on this because your marketing efforts should be working effectively to support your company’s marketing. You cannot discover gaps if you are not working closely with your team.  

How to Do Your Own Marketing Audit?


When you undertake a marketing audit, you can develop insights into your service offerings and the whole marketing ecosystem. It gives you a thorough vision of what is being done right and wrong when marketing your construction services.

Below is a step-by-step approach to conducting a marketing audit:

1. Be clear in setting your marketing goals and objectives

The goals you set for your construction marketing activities must cover all its aspects. These goals should be well thought out, taking your present and upcoming ROI expectations. Such objectives must increase the visibility of your construction brand across different marketing media like online platforms, web-based, social media channels, etc.

Whether your goal is to generate more and more leads, strengthen your online presence, or boost your ROI, each goal has to be prioritized. Partner with a reliable digital marketing agency like ConstructionMarketing.io to help you achieve your marketing goals and redefine your objectives

The agency’s service offerings include a range of digital marketing services, including SEO marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web development and design, Google My Business, and more!

2. Research Your Prospective Buyer

Researching your prospective buyers is one critical aspect of your marketing audit. You should have a clear idea about your target people, what they do, and what content they like. There must be a definite buyer personality in your mind already, helping you target and pitch your products easily.

This will always help you determine your future buyers’ geographical location, job titles, their backgrounds, etc.

3. Extract Insights from Available Information

An effective marketing audit is nothing if not insightful. It must provide data on many different aspects of your marketing. These insights help you come up with fruitful conclusions and are helpful in the future success of your marketing efforts.

4. Create an Action Plan

A marketing audit serves as your blueprint to help you deliver and accomplish all your marketing goals. That is why we ask you to know more about marketing audits to make it easier for you to improve your construction brand presence. Speaking of your brand presence, there are many different ways to increase it. You can focus on SEO tactics like Keyword Research and go for content marketing. Explore every marketing tactic available today and determine what is best for your campaign.

Also, when it comes to your target clients, connecting with them is another thing you should focus more. It is not difficult but just tricky. Therefore, dissecting your marketing strategy is very important. The more effort you exert in strategizing processes, activities, and objectives, the more you can establish the core systems of your business growth.

5. Observe your competitors

Consider what your competitors are doing in their respective marketing efforts. You do not want to miss out on any big opportunities, right? So, study your competitors to have more chances to connect with your target audience. Take note of everything, especially how your competitors connect to their audience.

While you may not align 100%, you may be able to draw inspiration from their marketing efforts and even look for gaps they can be missing out on where you will have the opportunity to do more and stand out.

The ConstructionMarketing.io Assessment


If you do not have time to step back and look at your marketing efforts, ConstructionMarketing.io can be your fresh set of eyes. We take time to gather data, analyze our findings, research your competitors, and present it to you in a complete package, including a roadmap full of recommendations and suggestions. We provide you with the best Marketing Action Plan for your construction business.

Our team of professional marketers works out the details of everything you need to bring you solid new leads! Whether bringing in new marketing tactics or shifting your efforts, you will be covered on all bases.

Regardless of how you decide to handle your marketing audit, we do not recommend you to go through the overall process alone. That is why we exist to allow you to see what is truly happening with your marketing efforts. Our goal is also to help you grow and achieve success on a larger scale.

Talk to us today to get everything started.