What is Web Retargeting and How to Use It to Your Advantage?

What is Web Retargeting and How to Use It to Your Advantage?

Have you tried visiting a website, and the next day, while randomly browsing online, you saw an ad about the same website? Or perhaps, you have visited a website and added some items to your cart but didn’t check them all out? And the next day, while browsing, you see some ads featuring the products you added to your cart. This only means one thing – you are being retargeted.

Retargeting is advertising that shows potential clients and leads personalized ads based on their past interactions with a website. So, suppose you have a construction website and are interested in re-engaging your audience back to your website to take action. In that case, website retargeting is the best marketing strategy you must start implementing now.

In this blog, learn more about website retargeting, how it works, and its benefits. In addition, we will also give you some tips on how to do your best with your retargeting campaigns.


What is Website Retargeting Anyway?


Website retargeting is a type of digital advertising that many businesses use to recapture potential clients that did not take a predefined action, which top marketers commonly refer to as the “conversion” during their last visit to the website. For most websites, only two per cent of web traffic converts during the first visit; hence, website retargeting has become a big deal and a very important strategy today.

The logic around retargeting is pretty easy to understand – you have these visitors. Once they are out, you can put off some ads and use multiple channels to communicate with them about your brand, encouraging them to be part of your customer journey.

And if you are wondering how the targeted ads are placed, they are often put off far and wide on the Internet. That is why past web visitors may see retargeted ads while watching videos, scrolling on social media, or browsing the web. If you are wondering how website retargeting works, first, you must know that two main approaches to retargeting are widely used nowadays – pixel-based and list based.

We break down these two approaches to simplify them for you.

  • Pixel-based retargeting: This retargeting is powered by browser cookie technology. If you want to try this, you need to have a small piece of code, referred to as a pixel. This code will be placed on your website. Every time a new visitor visits your website, the code will embed a cookie in the visitor’s browsers. And when the visitor leaves your site, this cookie will track the visitor’s future web activities anonymously.
  • List-based retargeting: Now, this retargeting is found to be useful for social media platforms. This allows you to retarget people within your business database. One best advantages of this retargeting are that the ads can be customized based on your liking and goals.

In the next section, discover how website retargeting helps you with your campaigns.


Benefits of Doing Website Retargeting


Website retargeting has so many benefits you can lose count of them. Ultimately, they help you with your leads acquisition efforts and staying relevant – helping to remind your web visitors and clients of your construction brand.

Now is the time to take advantage of website retargeting to reap the benefits like:

  • Get new customers and active users
  • Increase your conversion rates and ROAS
  • Create a more personalized digital experience
  • Expand the reach of your target audience
  • Retain existing customers
  • Build and reinforce brand awareness
  • Improve website performance and SEO
  • Monetize social proof
  • Shorten the customer journey


8 Super-Effective Retargeting Strategies You Must Try


There is no doubt at all retargeting is pretty much impactful these days. On average, 3.3 out of 4 online viewers today notice and consider retargeting adsHowever, you can notice too that far too many marketers and website owners are failing to make the most of this marketing tactic. 

You can get even more leverage from website retargeting with more attention to detail and additional effort. Here are some tips to help you start your retargeting campaigns.


Tip 1. Retargeting with Google Analytics

Google has made setting up retargeting campaigns smarter and easier with GA through tracking Analytics data and code to set it all up. And the most apparent is you no longer need to use AdWords to set up your retargeting lists. In addition, you can take so much advantage of the critical data in Analytics and create lists based on metrics and dimensions. Also, you can now create audiences based on the path these visitors took within your website.

With all of the changes and new tweaks, retargeting has become more powerful than ever and will continue to grow as everyone gets smarter about utilizing data in Google Analytics. So, always make sure you are not behind in any of the trends and updates. Always be alert and abreast!


Tip 2. Segment and go for the larger groups

Although visitors might be interested in your wide range of services and products, many of them will come to you with just one or two in mind. You better start segmenting your audience and clients. As you should know, customer segmentation performs best with retargeting, especially when you want to address and satisfy your customer’s immediate wants and needs.


Tip 3. Mix up your remarketing channels

A lot of businesses today choose a particular channel for their retargeting campaigns, like display ads, banner ads, and Facebook ads. But know that people are not only on one channel. So, just as with any of your lead acquisition efforts, it is crucial to reach your target prospects wherever they are. And this only means you have to spread your marketing campaigns across various channels, considering mobile devices.


Tip 4. Optimize your CTAs and landing pages

Enhancing your construction website’s conversion and SEO performance is as crucial as ever. And the best way to start is to optimize your landing pages and follow some of the best practices. Take assistance with your retargeting strategy and redesign the landing pages right away. If you successfully do so, your target prospects will come and visit your website now and then – and will convert.

Pay close attention to your CTAs as well. They have to be powerful as ever and optimized too. The first thing you need to do for your CTAs is make them compelling and tell users what you want them to do.


Tip 5. Use email lists

Another effective way to have a point of contact with your site visitors is to make email lists. The easiest way you can do this is via email capture forms on your construction website, and Email capture forms encourage site visitors to input their emails in return for something.

Oftentimes, these forms can be displayed as pop-ups and expectedly show when site visitors are about to leave your website, nudging them to sign up in exchange for your special offers. On the other hand, you can require your website visitors to submit their emails to view exclusive content on your site. This strategy is called gated content.


Tip 6. Track URLs

There are some reasons why people visit your construction website. And it could be one way or another. Someone just wants to review your blogs, while others are looking for information about your construction services and pricing. A basic yet effective retargeting strategy you can implement to ensure you are targeting people with the right ads is to use cookies that can trace any specific page people visit.

Depending on what parts of your website they are interested in, you can set up your retargeting ads and hook them with the right content. This allows you to flawlessly retarget people based on their position in the buyer’s journey.


Tip 7. Set time constraints on your retargeting ads

Let’s say you have your retargeting ads ready. During the process of running your retargeting ads, always keep in mind that timing matters. So, whenever visitors leave your website, they leave for a reason. You do not want to send them an email ten minutes after bouncing from your website.

Instead, consider how long you must wait before starting the retargeting process. Allow your web visitors to be more receptive and interested to the advantage of returning to your construction website.


Tip 8. Retarget your existing customers

While it seems counterintuitive initially, one of the ideal groups of people you can retarget is those who have already converted. And we are referring to your existing customers, and Retargeting them is truly an effective strategy since they have already shown interest in your construction company and service offerings.

A great start to convincing your existing customers to avail services from you is encouraging them consistently. For instance, you can announce your special offerings or discounts if they want a particular service.


Go Forth and Start Retargeting with ConstructionMarketing.io!


Website retargeting is essential for your overall marketing strategy, and it can do wonders for your brand awareness, customer loyalty and sales figures. In fact, according to Google, combining retargeting with other marketing can help you sell 50 percent more stuff. 

If you decide to start your retargeting campaigns, it would be best to enlist the help of a reliable and competent digital marketing agency like us.

Here at ConstructionMarketing.io, we have teams with multiple specializations. Traffic from your ads needs the right direction and destination. And our agency offers solutions that give you the best results and chance of converting your web visitors. And whether you want to start with website targeting or begin with your Google Ads campaigns, we offer the best digital marketing solutions:

  • Google Ads retargeting
  • Tracking Implementation
  • GA set-up
  • Integration of Additional Google Accounts
  • Audience Creation
  • Conversion tracking and optimizations
  • Competitor research
  • Website Audit
  • Digital marketing budget pacing

Get in touch with us today for more information.