White Hat SEO– Here’s Everything a Contractor Needs to Know

White Hat SEO– Here’s Everything a Contractor Needs to Know

Gone are the days when people would type out the entire website URL to access it. Nowadays, almost all online search activities start from search engines. Thus, if you want to increase traffic on your construction website, it should do great in the SERPs, typically generated by the search engine. And this is only very possible by fully optimizing your webpage for it. This is exactly what SEO best practices are all about.

And there are two major common approaches to SEO, namely white hat and black hat. But for this blog, we focus more on White Hat and will make a separate blog for the latter. To start, here is everything you need to know about White Hat SEO.


What is White Hat SEO?


White Hat is a term used to refer to SEO methodologies that function within the expectations and rules of both search engines and searches. It also means deploying certain tactics to improve a website’s search engine position without relying much on a trick that often undermines the search engine’s algorithm.

Moreover, White Hat SEO tactics focus more on providing your audience with relevant and high-quality content that can optimize the overall user experience rather than more spammy tactics, like duplicate content that is only optimized for search engines.


But Why White Hat SEO is very Important?


Another important matter you may wonder right now is the importance of White Hat? So, why is it important, and must it be one of your focuses? Without White Hat SEO, the SERPS would be somewhat chaotic. And without the rules to guide the online, digital world, website owners like you will often rely on more outdated SEO tactics to rank on the search engines. As a result, online users will need to comb through many useless websites to find what they are looking for.

To put it simply, White Hat SEO is very important because it benefits everything and everyone:

  • There is always a Google Update. One common instance is when Google ensures its algorithms are updated and only ranks quality content that will capture user intent for every keyword search. This encourages thousands of online users to make use of the search engine.
  • Website owners also benefit because they can boost their inline ranking without resorting to dishonest strategies.
  • Finally, online users benefit because they can find what they are searching for quickly and easily thru an organic search.

Eight Best White Hat Technique 


Now that you have a basic understanding of White Hat SEO, its importance, and its role, let’s move forward on how to use it.


1. Familiarize Webmaster Guidelines

To ensure you are adhering to white hat SEO tactics, we suggest reading Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. The guidelines specifically detail how Google looks, indexes, and ranks your website. So, learning about these guidelines can help you better understand what methods you can optimize your website in a much safer, approved way.

Another thing we also suggest is to perform an SEO audit of your website. This process will help you better understand the effectiveness of your existing SEO strategy on a deeper level, giving you a stronger baseline.

2. Publish Unique, Quality, Valuable Content

A staple of the white hat technique is constantly publishing quality content. However, it is also very important that your blogs are original and will match the search intent. When crafting any of your content, one of the best things you can do is to solve problems for your target audience. What concerns and questions do they have that your services and content can help them with? They are searching for a reason; therefore, you have to be the first one that provides the answer or that knowledge.

3. Satisfy User Intent

Google’s number one goal is to satisfy the user intent. Therefore, as a construction website owner, you will also aim for the same goal. The user’s goal when they type a query into the search engine is the user intent. The common types of user intent are commercial, informational, transactional, and navigational.

Let’s say that the person visits your construction website. It is certain that they are looking for your service offerings and opted to avail of the service or product. This will be categorized as both transactional and commercial. Take a look at some strategies you can use to satisfy user intent:

  • Optimize your content in order to fit specific keywords.
  • Determining your target audience and what exactly they are looking for.
  • Formatting content for your audience that is skimmers. Make use of subheadings and leave some white space.
  • Using images and videos.

4. Perform Proper Keyword Research

Using targeted keywords ten times in a single paragraph will never do good in your SEO ranking. If you want to retain the value and context of your content, the keyword density should be less than 1%. To put it simply, you must use your targeted keywords more carefully. One best thing you can do is to perform detailed research and choose only one or two target keywords more relevant to your construction business, and this is a better move than carrying out a whole list of keywords.

When it comes to how Google will choose your content, do not worry. For as long as the keywords you use are relevant, Google will instantly rank it higher.

5. Optimize Your Links

Another critical aspect of the White Hat technique is Link Building. Optimizing your permalinks, generating high-quality backlinks, and using keyword-rich anchor texts can boost your rankings. Link building services from reliable marketing agencies like ConstructionMarketing.io can help you create and manage your website’s URL. The agency offers credible and reputable services, which is important to consider when choosing the best agency as your partner.

Take note that Google is very particular about relevant, targeted, and contextual backlinks. That is why we recommend you choose the right agency to help build backlinks. In a nutshell, only with the hands of the experts can you entrust the optimization of your links and your overall marketing campaigns.

6. Fine-tune your UX

If you own a construction website, it is important to keep an account of whether your customers or users who visit your website or mobile app are okay and satisfied with your site’s interface or not. Every website claims to provide a seamless and great user interface and experience. However, you may ask yourself, does your construction website truly sport an interactive UI and offers immersive UX?

To critically analyze your website’s user experience and interface, you need to see and use it as a visitor. Put yourself in the shoes of your website visitors and target audience. Answer the following questions:

  • How readable is your content on the page?
  • How easy or difficult is it to explore or navigate your construction website and reach out to all content silos?
  • Do videos and images on the website help your visitors understand more of your products, service offerings, and brand?
  • Is your construction website mobile responsive? If so, how responsive is it on portable devices?

7. Create a One-of-a-Kind Marketing Plan

One of the excellent White Hat SEO tactics that can ultimately help your construction business grow is a content marketing plan. If you particularly aim to get better traffic to your website, you have to create a marketing plan uniquely. In addition, content marketing plays a vital role in impacting your target audience and getting more traffic to your website.

It can affect people’s interests and make them curious about your service offerings. So, with effective content marketing, you can educate people regarding the different aspects of your niche industry.

So, if you can effectively create a unique content tactic, this will make you stand out from the crowd.

8. Make use of Schema

Are you even familiar with schema? Well, the collection of tags in HTML is called schema, and this collection is something you can easily add to your webpage. Regarding the schema, structured data markups will give you a competitive edge on your construction website in search results. While microdata increases the CTR or click-through rate and will drive more traffic to your website.


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White hat SEO involves having the right mindset – developing relevant and quality content, understanding Google algorithms, performing keyword research, and so much more. If you aim for long-term achievement, white hat SEO should be one of your focuses. This SEO tactic will repay you in the end big time. And ConstructionMarketing.io can help you with that.

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