Why Does Your Construction Business Need a Digital Marketing Funnel?

Why Does Your Construction Business Need a Digital Marketing Funnel?

In the past years, the potential for business growth could have been much higher. However, things changed when the Internet was born. The evolution of the Internet alongside social media has elevated the overall digital marketing world to new heights.

One of the best strategies that top marketing experts have come up with is using a digital marketing funnel – to attract the right audiences, market their products/services, and grow their businesses. 48% of marketers say that boosting the efficiency of their funnel is the main priority.

Understanding the digital marketing funnel is essential to achieve long-term success for your construction business.

Learn everything you need to know about the digital marketing funnel, its benefits, its different stages, and more. 


Digital Marketing Funnel Explained


Simply put, a digital marketing funnel is a strategy that most businesses use to convert target prospects into loyal and paying customers in a step-by-step buying journey.

The digital marketing funnel is the backbone of any digital marketing campaign. It visually represents the entire customer journey from top to bottom. The goal is to maximize the number of leads at the top and reduce those at the bottom.

A digital marketing funnel is comprised of different stages. Cited below are the most common customer journeys:

  • Awareness: This is where the person becomes aware of your construction website. In most cases, the awareness usually comes from word of mouth, social media, email, and references.
  • Discovery: The visitor has seen a few of your website pages and eventually learns more about your construction company and the services you offer.
  • Consideration: Visitors spend more time reviewing your website, going through its content, gathering data, and even signing up for your mailing list.
  • Conversion: This particular stage can either be quick or take some time to be fully completed. The conversion process depends on the services you offer, your pricing strategy, and how you counter your customers’ issues.


The Many Benefits of Digital Marketing Funnel


68% of companies today have yet to determine or even attempt to measure their marketing funnel! Yikes! So, do it now, stand out among your competitors, and take advantage of the many benefits!

  • Increases conversion rates and revenue: A well-planned digital marketing funnel highlights important conversion points, resulting in better lead acquisition and customer retention.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction: A funnel fosters long-term customer relationships by delivering valuable content even after purchase. As a result, you will earn repeat customer purchases and build customer loyalty.
  • Better ROI: Focusing on customers’ needs at different stages can help you allocate resources more effectively. This will minimize your marketing spend and eventually improve your ROI.
  • Better segmentation: The digital marketing funnel leads to better segmentation of your online marketing activities, enabling you to provide more valuable content to your customers at various stages of the buyer’s journey.
  • Better lead management: A funnel provides direction and structure to businesses that often struggle with inconsistent lead management and a lack of clarity on customer acquisition. As a result, you streamline your other marketing activities and focus more on converting leads.
  • Better use of your company resources: Your digital marketing funnel will serve as a helpful guide for your team, if ever you have one, in creating the right messaging and content for your target construction clients. In this way, you will not waste time and effort on other marketing efforts that will not work.
  • Data-driven decision-making: With a funnel, it is easier to track key metrics like conversion rates, engagement rates, and customer acquisition costs. This helps you in making more informed decisions for improvement.


Tips to Create a Powerful Digital Marketing Funnel


While a well-thought-out digital marketing funnel is a great strategy, you must also consider and implement other tactics.

1. Build brand awareness

You should know by now that Google is a huge fan of top brands and favors many. Promoting your brand can be challenging if your construction business is still starting in the digital world. There is no one-time formula to create strong branding. However, many factors can make a brand strong enough to get Google’s attention.

Some of the best brand signals are as follows:

  • The local number on your construction website
  • A verified business address is mentioned on your site.
  • The About Us section outlines the business and shares information about your employees.
  • Social media presence on top platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

2. Identify your target audience

The various stages of your digital marketing funnel will interact with every person in your target audience. As people move down the funnel, your approach should become more narrow. Once they begin moving down the funnel, they will ask for more specific information, such as your list of construction services. 

When determining your target audience, make sure you keep the following:

  • Your target audience is comprised of multiple groups
  • · You can start crafting customer segments based on different attributes, actions being taken, and how often people visit your construction website
  • You may have different audience segments depending on how much the user interacts

3. Focus on your Unique Selling Point

After identifying your target audience, you can focus on what makes your brand and construction services unique by emphasizing your Unique Selling Point (USP). 

Here are some tips to effectively highlight your USP:

  • Use an attractive pricing model that surpasses the competition. Make sure to display it on your website.
  • Ensure you have a simple yet visually appealing landing page showcasing all your services.
  • Optimize your key services, pricing, and conversion pages. Ensure there are no broken links, bugs, or glitches to make your visitors’ experience seamless.

4. Set marketing goals

As a construction business owner, you should set your marketing goals right after creating your digital marketing funnel. Your goals provide you with purpose, clarity, direction, and vision – they lead to your construction company’s success. 

Define your goals into actionable items like the below:

  • Improve SEO rankings for more web traffic and conversions
  • Increase social media followers in the next two weeks
  • Create high-quality content to prove your construction company as trustworthy, credible, and an expert in the industry.
  • Crafting and producing content in different formats to rank higher and extend reach
  • Boosting customer satisfaction to guarantee long-term viability

Whatever goal you want to achieve, you have to define it, set it up, and measure it.

5. Create different funnels for every goal

Having your business online requires multiple funnels at your disposal unless you have a single offer. Likewise, you will have numerous funnels mainly because you have different targets to reach those objectives. 

You will have one marketing funnel dedicated to increasing your email subscribers and another to generate more sales, let’s say. 

Also, the different types of funnels you have should be based on the content types you will produce and your ultimate goal. Again, you will have different marketing funnels operating and working simultaneously and testing them separately. Measuring its effectiveness is necessary to determine which one converts the best.

6. Use different digital marketing channels to reach your audience

Today, there are several ways to reach your target audience. The strategies you will use depend on the qualities of your target audience and your marketing budget. Below are some of the best marketing channels you can take advantage of when reaching your target audience:

7. Guide users to conversion

A customer-centric marketing funnel is about understanding your users and giving them the best reason to convert as your paying customers. Apart from boosting your conversions, you have to know what drives, entices and deters your audience to deliver the best user experience possible.

To easily guide your users to conversion, you have to implement tactics that compel them to act:

  • Provide a free consultation
  • Customer support chatbots for further questions and clarifications
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • A pay-by-performance pricing model
  • FAQs centering around user concerns and questions


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