Why Localization is Important to Your Construction Business?

Why Localization is Important to Your Construction Business?

The internet made it possible for everyone to have a global market at the click of a finger. As a result, many businesses today are seeking to expand their reach beyond the local market. Are you planning the same for your construction business?

Remember that entering a new market requires more than offering your construction services or products to a new audience. It requires a strong understanding of and adaptation to your target market’s culture, preferences, language, and many other factors. This is where localization comes into the story.

In this blog post, learn more about localization, including its benefits and process. We will also provide some pro tips on how to build an effective and successful localization strategy for your future campaigns.


What is Localization?

Different companies always have different notions of localized marketing. However, one thing is certain: it would benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

A localization approach, especially in marketing, usually involves tailoring a product or service to a specific area or market. The goal is to make the products or services appear to be designed particularly for that market or area.

The localization process is important for global expansion. To succeed in your efforts, you must learn to balance the desire to meet global standards with the utmost need for local flexibility. In fact, 84% of marketers today use localization for revenue growth in an uncertain global economic outlook.

By developing a well-planned localization strategyyour construction business can be prepared for expansion.


Many Benefits of Localization

When your construction website and other existing digital content are all localized, making authentic and genuine connections with target customers becomes easier. In actuality, there are more advantages to localization than genuine connections. They are as follows:

1. Increased trust

You can show that your construction brand respects other cultures through localization and translation. According to one research, 60% of non-native English speakers rarely buy from English-only websites. As a matter of fact, 64% of purchasers say they value localized website content.

When trust is enhanced, your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can see an instant lift. The increase in trust that localization creates will lead to the retention of KPIs, including:

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Generation of higher sales
  • Delivering an excellent customer experience
  • Increasing net promoter score (NPS)
  • Lower attrition rates

2. Easier interactions with your construction brand

People’s lives are heavily influenced by what they see and use every single day – including their mobile devices, websites, preferred social platforms, online channels, and more. Content localization can make your online presence available in different languages across multiple channels. So, it makes sure that your company can reach more people. In turn, it boosts positive user experience for global clients and paves the way to trust your brand even more.

3. Driving better online search results

Localizing your online presence is not limited to what people can read on your construction website. With the right translation solution, everything can be localized, from images to social media to multimedia. Moreover, metadata, keywords, and tags can be localized, too, to boost your global SEO efforts and drive global traffic to your website.

When things are done right, expect a global audience and customers who will definitely enjoy a more enhanced user experience and construction content that speaks directly to them.

4. Strong brand consistency

Translating your website for your global market and audience can give you full control of your message. You can also deliver a consistent brand experience across different markets. Localization helps you achieve strong brand consistency where your brand messaging is communicated correctly and consistently.

Localization ensures that your content is being translated and accounts for every location’s cultural preferences and nuances. Overall, it guarantees brand consistency and improves your brand’s image.

5. Better segmentation

Today’s leading localization solutions and website translation services make sharing tailored messages with your audience and construction clients in various global markets easier than ever. With localization, you can have control of your online message while also catering to other customer’s needs – and expanding your construction business’s digital footprint simultaneously.

This enhances your ability to segment many markets and connect directly to local audiences – which can improve the effectiveness of your targeting and messaging.

6. Risk reduction

Localization can help your construction business reduce the many risks associated with expanding into new areas and markets. Your business can better understand the market by adapting your service offerings and marketing strategies to the culture and local language. This leads to the reduction of cultural misunderstandings, miscommunications, and offensive content risks.

Your business can also minimize the risk of launching marketing campaigns by better understanding local consumer behavior and preferences.


Ways to Build a Successful Localization Strategy 

Having an effective digital marketing localization strategy is crucial if you want to enjoy the many benefits we just cited above. Here are some points you must consider when building a successful localization strategy:

1. Determine your localization goal

What goals do you set for your digital marketing localization campaign? Is it to boost your service/product recognition? Is it to increase your overall sales or perhaps achieve greater brand awareness? Whatever your objectives are, setting the right localization goals allows you to lay a strong foundation for your digital marketing localization strategy.

2. Consider the type of content 

Different types of content typically appeal to different types of markets out there. The same applies to the many different online platforms, like online communities, social media, forums, and emails. 

Understanding your audience at the start will help steer your content in the right direction. In a digital marketing localization campaign, blog posts, emails, social media posts, product descriptions, and ads are some of the most common content used.

3. Localize influencer marketing

Taking advantage of the power of influencer marketing can put you in a good position to connect with the same local audiences you are eyeing to market to.

Influencer marketing can amplify the impact of your localized social media strategies. Regarding brand engagement and recognition, collaborating with local influencers with a loyal fanbase and credibility can allow you to engage with the local audience more personally.

In addition, influencer marketing is a proven tactic that allows you to promote your construction services to a local audience. Influencers deeply understand local culture, preferences, and the latest trends. So,  build partnerships with local influencers for your construction business.

4. Translate your construction website

While translating your website is a very obvious pointer, it is still worth mentioning. To successfully engage with a local audience, you must translate your web content into the most popular language. A simple word-for-word translation will not be likely enough.

Take note that this goes beyond literal translation. It involves capturing the local audience’s cultural practices, beliefs, slang phrases, and idioms . Translating your web content should be understandable and resonate with your target local audience.

Start with your website graphics and determine whether they are suitable for the local audience. Consider also the on-page design elements and other visuals present on your website. Everything on your website needs to be adapted in accordance with local standards.

5. Research target markets

Research your target market first if you want to strike the right note for your localized marketing campaign. You need to have a clear oversight of audience demographics and the languages they speak. This includes any regional dialects and colloquialisms. 

You need to dig deeper for audience research and learn about cultural norms and region-specific values. Native speakers are the only people you can get accurate insights about the local audience.

6. Consider legal and regulatory requirements

The key part of the entire localization process is navigating legal regulations. When your goal is expansion, staying compliant is important; failure to do so will lead to serious trouble. 

Let’s say you want to reach this market in another country; you have to keep a watchful eye and be extra careful about the content of your construction marketing campaigns. Whatever you put out for your marketing efforts, it is always important to be cautious before doing them or launching a campaign.


Start your Localization with ConstructionMarketing.io

Localization is vital to any business strategy seeking to cater to diverse customer segments or expand to new markets. So, if your goal is to appeal to new markets and increase your brand’s relevance, then make sure you put more effort into localization.

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