Why My Construction Business Is Not Showing Up on Google Maps?

Why My Construction Business Is Not Showing Up on Google Maps?

Did you ever know that nearly half of all online activities are about looking for local businesses? So, you must be wondering why your construction business is not appearing on Google Maps. 

If your company does not appear when people search for it via Google Maps, you miss out on many potential clients and prospects. In this blog post, learn the importance of higher map ranking on your business and discover some of the biggest reasons why your business is not appearing, alongside some quick solutions to fix it.


But Why Is Google Map Important for Your Business?


The straightforward answer to this question is simple – the platform is more than a map; it is a place of discovery. 

Over the years, it has offered multiple marketing advantages for all types of businesses. It helps people find businesses, contact the company immediately, and visit the website. And this is why achieving a higher map ranking is important, especially when owning a business, because people can easily find and reach you.

More people reaching out to your construction business means a greater chance of getting more leads and customers. 


Ten Reasons Your Business Does Not Appear on Google Maps


Not appearing on the platform is due to a number of potential reasons. And we all list them so that you can identify them and point out why your business is not showing up.

1. Does your construction business name include keywords?

Regarding local SEO ranking, your construction business name can benefit from the latest Google algorithms based on the words and terms you use. The majority of online businesses these days place a bigger emphasis on having a specific target keyword in their respective business name. In return, the competition is looking to exploit this opportunity.

In short, it is clear that one of your priorities is to make sure you have a keyword-optimized business name in your profile.

2. Is your business making use of Google My Business profile categories?

Another reason your business is not appearing is that you need to use more categories in your GMB profile. GMB categories are critical fields that you can set for your GMB listing that define your business to search engines and people online.

Today is the time to start taking advantage of this feature. In fact, you can add up to ten business categories as long as they are related to your construction business. Presently, there are over 4000 GMB categories you can choose from. And every category is proven to boost your visibility online.

3. Is Your GMB profile complete?

This question is straightforward. The more info you provide to Google about what your construction business is about, the better job Google will do to connect you with your target audience and potential customers. It makes sense not to leave your GMB profile incomplete because if you do, your web pages will not match the user intent.

Always provide as much information as you can to Google to further increase your opportunities of showing up in the top three results on Google Maps.

4. Do you have only one GMB listing?

When you duplicate your business listings, you are sending conflicting signals to Google, which can affect your business. Double-check your existing business listing. It might be that your construction business has moved, and you did not close down your old listing. Perhaps, you just created a new GMB listing by accident. 

Whatever it might be, make sure only to have one Google My Business listing dedicated to your construction business. 

5. Is your construction business getting Google reviews?

Tapping into the power of Google reviews is one of the secrets to dominating local rankings. The quality and quantity of the reviews that people leave about your company online tremendously affect how Google ranks your site.

Business reviews are great for a couple of reasons:

  • They serve user’s search intent
  • They serve as a social proof
  • They tell people how great your business is

Make sure to encourage your clients to leave a review for you. Over time, you will get many positive and negative reviews, and it is a surefire way to compete against other construction businesses within your area successfully. 

6. Do you have enough NAP citations?

NAP refers to the Name, Address, and Phone Number, and these citations will serve as direct references to your business details online. NAP consistency is known to be a crucial part of Google’s local search and local pack algorithms. When you achieve consistency on NAP, it can impact your local rankings big time.

Remember that people need consistent information online to progress in their journey. And that is why you have to have enough NAP citations. 

Thankfully, NAP consistency is just one step away with ConstructionMarketing.io on your side! Contact us today and learn more about our local SEO marketing services.

7. Do you have a verified GMB profile?

One of the reasons your business is not showing up on Google Maps is that your GMB profile needs to be verified. So, how can you tell if your profile is verified already? Easy. Go to Google search and search your construction business. We suggest you enter your business name and then your location. In a matter of seconds, your business will show up on the right side, whether it is verified or not.

Next, you can follow the steps below:

  • Click on your GMB profile and check the option “Suggest an Edit.”
  • Look for the option saying, “Own this business?”
  • When you see this option, your construction business has not been verified yet on Google.
  • Click the “Claim this business” option.

8. Are you making use of unrelated search queries?

When you use a particular search query, is your business still not showing up? A specific query may not work or is completely unrelated to your construction business. If that is the case, you may consider adding additional keywords to your business detail section. When it comes to keywords, avoid keyword stuffing, and the goal is to make it sound natural as possible. 

You can use tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner to conduct keyword research. This tool can show you relevant words you can use for your profile that drive optimal results.

9. Is your Google business account suspended?

Google can suspend your account in two methods: soft and hard.

In general, soft suspensions are temporary. This usually occurs when your Google account has been deactivated due to unresolved issues. Make sure to review and reverify some missing details in your account if you do not want to be suspended. 

Now let’s talk about hard suspensions. This kind of suspension is bad. They often happen every time due to serious breaches of Google guidelines. And this can mean anything, so be aware of that. Accounts removed through bad suspension can only be restored with an appeal, which is rare.

Know that prevention is always better than cure. So, in this case, you have to prevent any suspension from happening. Always follow Google’s latest guidelines and make it a habit to review your profile regularly.

10. Is your website well-optimized for SEO?

One big reason your construction business needs to appear on Google Maps might be the need for SEO relevance. Map ranking works hand in hand with Google algorithms to position businesses accordingly. And some businesses may not appear in Google simply because the algorithms detect that the website is irrelevant and not optimized for SEO. As a result, Google will not rank it.

Starting now, pay attention to your SEO efforts and maintain its relevance on your construction website. 


We Can Help You Appear on Google Maps


It can be frustrating when you try to figure out why Google does not show your construction business and favor it in the local ranking. But do not worry because it is not forever. Know that the best and quickest solution is out there – especially when you avail of our top-tier customized local SEO marketing services.

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· Right contact information, operation hours, address

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  • Include clicks to call button
  • Share updates and post regularly.

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