6 Reasons You Need To Know Why Your Construction Website Is Not Ranking on Google

6 Reasons You Need To Know Why Your Construction Website Is Not Ranking on Google

Having a website for your construction business is a great step toward getting more new clients. However, it is not enough to only rely on your website if you want more potential customers and, most specifically, to let Google find you. If Google cannot find your website, how will your target prospects be able to find it then?

It takes time for Google to find and rank a website, especially if it is new in the search results. However, if your website is already established and live for some time already, there are more serious reasons and factors that you must know.

So, today I want to walk you through thesix common reasonswhy your construction website is not ranking on Google’s search engine results, plus some pro tips on how you can improve your ranking.


Why Your Organic Search Engine Ranking is so Important?


Before anything else, we should first tackle why organic search ranking should be given importance. Organic search allows your web content to get found by people who do not know your company exists yet, but are keenly looking for solutions and services you offer. If you are successful in organic search, it is easier to draw new eyes and target prospective leads without spending too much!

But to be real, your organic success relies heavily on ranking well on SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages. Always know that the value of getting your website to rank in Google is really important and one thing you always need to prioritize.


Why Your Construction Website is Not Ranking Well?


And here is the moment you are already waiting for. Why is your site not ranking well? Let us dive into some of the main factors that may explain why.

1. You are not using Google My Business

If you are not registered with Google My Business yet, you are losing some serious potential. GMB is just a free and easy step you can take that can help you with your SEO efforts. Google always wants the quickest and easiest way to look at and deliver relevant results, and having a GMB profile helps you with that. In addition, having an account can assure Google that you care about your website ranking, that your site is up-to-date, and that you want to adhere to their guidelines and systems.

2. You are not leveraging any social signals

Are you even active on social media? Almost every business has social media accounts; some even run ads online. But how many businesses are very active with their social media accounts? Possibly not very many. And why do this matter, though? Believe it or not, your social media profiles can help you conclude how you rank on Google.

If you want to put up with your SEO efforts, then we suggest staying active on your social media and keeping all your company information updated. Know that Google uses social signals to determine which websites are consistently active and which are stagnant, which helps them determine which sites should rank higher.

3. You do not create consistent content

Perhaps you are crafting and publishing a blog post now and then. Sadly, that “every now and then” is not enough to earn your spot in the Google rankings. You need a strict content marketing calendar and a strategy for your marketing growth.

But why is crafting and producing consistent content a big challenge for you? Even the vast majority of marketers today with much more experience are struggling in this area. The answer is quite simple – Writing, documenting, and proofreading takes so much time, and it is even harder when you do not see instant results.

However, if your blogging is consistent, you will get more visitors and a lot of backlinks. In addition, you have more pages that will be indexed than pages that do not. This is how beneficial blogging is to your ranking.

4. SEO best practices are not being implemented

Some guides and blogs are particularly expounding on SEO because there is so much to say. From obtaining an SSL certificate for your website to having proper titles, headers, and meta des, other on-page SEO basics must be implemented on each page of your construction website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about how you can make your content stand out in the eyes of Google, displaying it as the best piece in the search rankings where users can easily search.

5. No Authoritative Backlinks

When you own a website, you must build credibility and authority online to be found on the Internet and can easily be ranked by search engines. Google returns the best results possible to the users, usually from best-ranking web pages from websites that demonstrate the best in the field. Google-based the ranking on two factors, your links and your content.

Authoritative backlinks are another factor that Google considers when ranking a website. These links are direct links from one website to another and are simply a vote of recommendation and confidence from one website to another. Search engines, especially Google, use these links to rank your construction website. So you better acquire these links to achieve authority and improve website credibility successfully. 

6. Google is not indexing your website

Another possible reason you are not showing up in the SERPs is that Google cannot find or index your construction website. This only means they are not storing it in their database for one reason. One way we suggest you do this is to submit a sitemap in Search Console. This is one way to have Google find your website and begin ranking. A sitemap is a list of pages on your website that search engines crawl to learn more about your site. Though your site may not be crawled right then, you can get confirmation that your sitemap was submitted and eventually crawled.


How to improve Website Ranking in Google?


To reach page one of SERPs takes a lot of skill, hard work, and sometimes luck. So if you want to improve your website ranking, here are three pro tips you should carry out to accomplish this goal.

1. Begin with a solid foundation

Poor information architecture and website structure can cause trouble even if you have the best SEO campaigns. If your construction website is harder for users to navigate, your rankings will most likely suffer. Always begin with a concrete foundation, which is the only way to success. In short, you need to ensure your website is being designed so that search engines can crawl and index it easily.

For instance, you have to make sure that:

  • All your website is being optimized for mobile
  • All your pages are secure
  • You do not have any similar content or plagiarized content on different pages of your website
  • All of the links work altogether
  • Web pages load quickly

2. Optimize for mobile

With Google being particular with the mobile-first index, your construction website has to pass the Mobile-Friendly Test. This is to prevent the possibility of a mobile ranking meltdown. Thus, you should double down on your website performance and mobile tasks.

  • Tasks: Once your target visitors land on your website, think about the first thing they do. Will they tend to scroll and look for information right? At least they have to perform these basic tasks smoothly without having a hard time while multitasking on your website. This is one of the several reasons you need to optimize your site for mobile.
  • Performance: Does your audience find themselves scrolling nonstop to access the products you offer? Do the images of your site bog down? Loading time is such a big factor on mobile devices, and your website should be mobile-friendly if you do not want to let your website visitors experience a lagging website.

3. E-A-T more

Besides SEO, Google’s E-A-T is another tactic to help you rank your website, and basically, it stands for authority, expertise, and trust. These are the three main elements that Google looks at whenever working out your construction website’s ranking potential.

But how can you boost your E-A-T score? You need to produce high-quality articles that can help you showcase your expertise in your niche and build your construction business as an authoritative figure. In contrast, security enables you to build trust further.


ConstructionMarketing.io can Help You Rank Easily.


You love your website, and you expect that your web visitors and target clients will love it too! Only if they could find your site. If that is not the case right now, your construction website is falling flat as your main source of leads. If your construction website is not ranking in Google, it only means that you have to invest in SEO, also known as the science of showing up in search engines when needed.

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