Your Ultimate Guide to Google Map Ranking

Your Ultimate Guide to Google Map Ranking

When it comes to Local Search Engine Optimization, Google Maps is one vital factor to consider. Many people are turning to this to discover local businesses and company information, helping them make more informed purchasing decisions. Almost every single company today, of all types and sizes, is looking forward to being seen on the local search results – most especially construction.

So, the question is, how can your local construction business rank a place in Google Maps higher and get noticed by your target audience? You’ll find the key solutions in this guide we prepared for you.

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But Why Do You Need to Rank Higher on Google Maps?


Research shows that Google Maps is the most preferred navigation application for many consumers, an estimated 67%. One of the reasons why is that people online rarely look past the first few results, and the research also shows that these people end up on Map business listings. 

With that being stated, it is crucial for your listing to get a higher map ranking. A higher rank provides you with many advantages – it improves the quality of your listing, increases the visibility of your construction business, and adds multiple ways for your target audience to engage with your business.


How to Achieve High Map Ranking?


Here are seven steps you need to take to get an impressive, higher map ranking.

1. Add your construction business to Google Maps

Of course, you cannot rank higher or execute effective local search marketing if you do not have a Google listing in the first place. If you do not have a listing and do not know how to start, follow the steps below to add your construction business to Google Maps:

  • Go to and search for your business name. You can also install the app for easier access.
  • If your business does not appear, look for the option in the drop-down menu and click “Add a Missing Place”. Upon clicking, you will be prompted to provide details on your name, category, and location.

It is worth noting that anyone can add your business to Google Maps. But do not worry. They will not acquire your business in any way. Only the ones who will claim the official listing will be the rightful owner and has control, which is what we will get into next.

2. Claim your Business Listing

The second step in getting your construction business to rank higher is to claim your listing. Once claiming your listing, you can provide additional information about your construction business. The more details your business listing contains, the higher your map ranking will be. Also, you can only take the next steps if your listing is claimed. 

The prerequisite to claiming your listing is owning a Google My Business account. Do not worry because creating a GMB account is all free. Remember to add your listing now, follow all the prompts, and claim it immediately.

3. Add information to your Business Listing

So, now that you have your business listing and a GMB account linked together, you are already ready to optimize it for higher ranking in local search results. Below are some tips for optimizing your account sections for higher ranking:

  • Be consistent with name and address: One measure of your company’s trustworthiness is the consistency of business information you share online. For instance, your business name must be similar across all your other online properties – construction website, social media profiles, and more. The same goes for your address information.
  • Include your main tracked number: If you use call tracking, use a tracked number for your main business number. This will get most of your calls coming in, which allows you to see the efficacy of your listing.
  • Keep your hours updated: The business listing will help inform your audience if your business is open, closed, still opening, or temporarily closed. Keeping the hours updated signal Google that your business is active and, therefore, worth trusting.
  • Write a business description: The description you add to your business listing must deliver a bigger picture of your company to help orient audience and visitors, as well as unique aspects to compel searchers. Ensure your business description is written in a tone that aligns with your construction brand.
  • Properly categorize your business: When it comes to ranking, your business category is very important. For your main category, pick the one that best represents the core offering of your construction business. If any other categories may resonate with your business, choose them as your secondary categories.

4. Add photos to your Google Maps Business Listing

Google loves when there are many uploaded photos to your business listing, and having many photos means you are active and is worthy to rank with higher results. Uploading many photos is also becoming important today because Google’s photo-recognition technology is consistently advancing, and Google is starting to showcase images in local search results. 

Make sure the photos you upload are high-quality and compelling that capture your audience’s attention. You can add images by going to the “Photos” tab in your GMB dashboard and clicking the circle with a colored-white plus sign. You can drag and drop several photos and videos from there. Preferably, you must strive to add at least one new photo daily.

5. Embed a Map on your site

Embedding a map on your website will make a huge difference in your local SEO. As a matter of fact, search engines like Google often view this as a positive attribute. Actually, it is another way of signaling to Google that your construction business is located exactly at the location you add to your listing. Also, a well-placed map will give your target audience extra help and enhance the overall user experience on your website. 

Embedding a static map on your construction boils down to finding your exact address. But to easily embed a map on your website, search your business name on the application, click “Share” in your business listing, and choose the “Embed a Map” tab. Next, copy and paste the link to the contact page. It is just that simple.

6. Track metrics and adjust accordingly

Once everything is settled and all are running and consistently active in all accounts and platforms, you must start tracking performance metrics.

Tracking your GMB profile’s performance will give you helpful insights about optimization factors – what are successful and which ones need improvement. Also, you can adjust date ranges and see how people engage with your business listings. 

Here are some Key performance indications (KPIs) that you have to track now and then:

  • The number of unique users who have visited and viewed your business listing
  • Bookings and sales generated come from Google Maps listings.
  • Search metrics that show how and when your map profile is displayed in specific searches
  • Lead generation figures, click-through rates, and overall conversion rates
  • The total number of profile visitors who requested and generated directions to your business location

7. Produce Customized Content

Content is key when it comes to successful map ranking. Posting updated and quality content affects your ranking and will do wonders for your visibility. 

Social media links and online business reviews are two customized content types that work towards elevating your online presence. Make sure to have plenty of them and other content types as well. When this content is perfectly incorporated with relevant, local-focused target keywords and the right internal and external links, Google can crawl, evaluate and index your posted content. 

As a result, it ultimately improves your business’s standing position within its map ranking. is Always a Helping Hand


It takes a lot of tactics and execution to rank higher and do well on Google – and for a local business like yours, that also means ranking higher on Google Maps.

Just be aware that business listings are becoming more and more advanced. And you have to be strategic on how to connect more with your audience. So, we do hope you follow all the tips and tricks we shared in this post. But if you are feeling overwhelmed, that is fine, and you may consider partnering with us instead. offers local SEO marketing services, including GMB profile optimizations that will give you an edge in the local pack and Map ranking. We know the ropes and help you avoid certain pitfalls. Also, our SEO processes and methods have the right balance between automation and traditional intervention. Ultimately, we want our clients to achieve business growth and greater results like no other.

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